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154 UTC 6955 USB very strong signals in central NY state with OM giving ID in mock Eastern European accent, "Radio Free Vatevah" into hip-hop with YL vocal. 157-new song. 0200--"Are you ready to hit the road..then let's do it!....This is Radio Free (then YL voice) Whatever".  New song. Last two songs sounded British, but I can't get the lyrics. SIO 555

0205 with heavy metal. OM testing a new mic at 206. New song at 209. 214-spacy SFX, cartoon voices, "We can't take off....we can't take off..." then OM with Psycho... ID repeated a few times into new song. Signals good-very good in central NY state.

2250 UTC May 17 2021 with ethereal music,2300- fairly deep-voiced OM in Portuguese for about 30 secs, then piercing bird SFX and same OM, into eerie music. At 2326, cute-sounding bouncy song with OM/YL vocal in English, ending with "I love the music, the music all day long." Maybe an old generic radio jingle. Into slow song with YL vocal. 2330-OM in Portuguese with flute. Too low to get any of it. Into slow song.2335-song with English OM vocal. 2340-into more eerie, SFX. Old 50s/60s style-sounding American young YL/OM talking about smoking, repeated FX with laughs & some of the words. Ended at 2343 with talk of "The machine..." in same repeated audio clip.  (Sorry to get this up so late. I left a recorder running so I could have dinner and enjoy some TV.)  Signals in central NY state were mostly poor to fair, but I was able to clean it up a bit with iZotope RX3.

6865 USB 0214 UTC May 16, 2021 with Doors-ish song, then YL "...mix..You are tuned to Mix Radio International". New song. Signals poor-fair in Central NY state.

0137 with probable Neil Young, OM talking about a window, bits of mx and anncr kept saying "I wanna play radio..." and similar. Mx with fiddles and rodeo in lyrics. 148-different style mx with spoken lyrics, etc. Signals fr in central NY.

O340 with Cats in the Cradle, OM, tuned back during Sunshine on my shoulders, OM, American Pie. Signals poor to good in central NY. Best SIO 434.

2337, then into "Rise" Herb Alpert. YL "You're tuned to Jazz Mix Radio" (9 nine times), more Rise". George Benson's "Give Me the Night". Two SSTV images during the song. YL IDs. "Just the Two of Us" with Bill Withers, YL ID with repeated bit of song in background. Chuck Mangione-ish song, ID's "You're tune to Jazz Mix Radio...this is the radio station of the nation." Now OM with IDs, TC at 0000. "Jazzy Jazz" saying goodnight to friends and off 0033.


Strong signals in central NY state, SIO 444.

WFDR-2249 with FDR speech. At 2309, speech suddenly ending or cut, then OM with "W-F-D-R" (in FDR's voice, I think) and "Goodnight!" Then off.  Signals 232 at best in central NY state.

2243 UTC with string of spoof radio program snippets. "Keys to spiritual growth...LSD" etc. Astronauts, "Saturday Night" snippets, Johnny Cash at 2300. At 2302, signal suddenly came way up in strength. 2306-4-note IS and "WBOG" ID, more IS, more ID. YL with penetration comment and off the air at 2307:30.  Signals SIO 232 at first, then suddenly 454 at 2302 to close.

6925 USB 0155 Ride Like the Wind, loooong air raid siren and presumed sstv and apparently over. Signals fair 233 in central NY state.  Neat to see the sstv decodes here.  (Next day: I downloaded MMSSTV and a virtual audio cable called "Jack" and here's my first try at decoding an SSTV signal.)

Kenwood TS-450S transceiver into 80 mb horizontal Vee dipole with tuner.

Pse QSL to applecountryDXer@protonmail.com

0245 tuned in to spacey music that reminded me of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells albums, some with choral vocal. 0258 started Steve Forbert's "Just Like There's Nothin to It" album, including "What it is is a Dream" and at 0302 "Wild as the Wind". Off at 0309 suddenly. Signals good in central NY state.(Navarino).

Kenwood TS450S with 80 mb dipole.

Pse QSL to applecountryDXer@protonmail.com

6925 kHz, May 2 UTC tuned in to hear music at 0114 but too weak to get anything until 0143.

0143 UTC "Mony Mony" Tommy James;
158-"House of the Rising Sun"-Animals;
202-Bad Moon Rising-CCR;
205-Louis Louis-Kingmen;
209-Pinball Wizard-Who;
212-White Rabbit-Jefferson Airplane.
219-OM with presumed ID and off.

Signals very weak here (SIO 242) in Navarino, NY (just south of Syracuse)

Kenwood TS-450S through 80 mb dipole.

PSE QSL to applecountryDXer@protonmail.com

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