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HF Beacons / Re: The Desert Whooper
« on: April 12, 2023, 0322 UTC »
0311 4095.6 S6
0322 up to S7 and "BAT 13.0"

Peaking S5

00:21 Music started again and ID "Wolverine Radio" cut in.  Back to oldie music.
00:28 Up to S7 now.  Audio is good.  Song with strong brass. 
00:29 ID
00:33 Country

S6 but  that's just above the static crashes tonight.

0107z Music in and out with QSB
0112z "Mommas don't let you babies grow up to be cowboys" improving to S7+
0114z ID Ballsmacker Radio

S5 here, USB, can hear music with

0140 Can hear music, something about a joker
0141 Song changed, another one from before my time, QSB down to S3

S3 or less, seems even with my noise floor on TS-590S.  Just tiny ripples on the SDR.

0342 Fast music with flute maybe?

Pretty steady S3, noisy.

0108 Electric Guitar Solo
0111 SSTV
0128 SSTV
0129 More music

Start S7 on SSTV transmission
0132 SSTV Pigmeat's Purple Drank Radio

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