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Nice S9+ signal here this evening at 2334 UTC. Thanks for the show!

S6 signal here this morning at 1358 UTC.

S8 signal here at 2322 UTC.

S9+ here at 2320 UTC. Thanks for the show!

Bork bork bork being continually repeated at 2356 UTC. S8 signal.
0001 - Mision Mind Control

S9+ signal here tonight. Thanks for the show DJ!

S8 signal here with fading and some noise.

Radio Free Ramones ID at 0000 UTC UTC. S7 signal here this evening.

S8 signal here at 2338 UTC.

S9+20 here this afternoon. Enjoying Steely Dan which sounds good, but then momentarily becomes distorted.

Sounding good in AM!

Guitar music. S7 signal here this evening.
2350 UTC - ID as Bork Bork Bork Radio & off

S9 signal here at 2215 UTC.

ID as WDOG at 0002 UTC. S9+ signal here tonight. Thanks for the show!

S9 signal here this afternoon at 1845 UTC.  Discussion about censorship laws and free speech.
1848 UTC - ID as Sons of Liberty
1853 UTC - Off

"Jolene" at 2345 UTC. S9 signal here this evening. Thanks for another entertaining show, DJ.

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