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Always adding new recordings to my Archive.org page and would love for you to give it a visit! I'm sure you'll find something interesting to listen to.


readable here in New Jersey on my PL 990 radio. Music mostly staying above the noise floor and the DJ is clear. Thanks for the show!

Barely audible here in Haddon Heights, NJ on the Tecsun 990.

Hearing brief portions of music. Anyone else able to get a better signal than I?

0449 Hearing voice but unable to make out the words. Hardly above the noise floor

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WENO 6888 USB 0119 UTC 11 SEP 2022
« on: September 11, 2022, 0143 UTC »
Loud and clear on my roof in Ridgewood, NY on my tecusn 990. Thanks for the show WENO!

Incredible signal tonight at my QTH! Strong S7-9 on the Tecsun 990.

Decent S5 into my QTH on the Tecsun 990

Huh? / For your consideration: my personal radio recordings archive
« on: January 17, 2022, 0413 UTC »

Building the Philly Radio Archive as well as various other recordings, also likely the only recording of local C-Quam WEMG 1310kHz. Take a scroll through!

For what it's worth, as soon as WNWR 1540 drops its power at night in Philly, I clearly hear a HET tone tone. If I remember correctly, someone traced it back to a station in Georgia, though I forget their calls. Though for another FWIW, I haven't heard any HET on 1240 in my area. But I'll tune in tonight and listen more closely.

Thanks RFW! Loud on 4185 at my QTH on the Tecsun PL 990. Good audio processing too it seems.

Could we get some Weezer, dickweed?

2237z My Name Is Jonas- thanks dick! Love me early Weezer. Amazing how good it can sound even on USB mode.

Barely readable at my QTH. Still audible, better on the KiwiSDR from W3HFU.

Nice and loud in my QTH on the Tecsun 990. Recording to my cassette deck. Thanks for the show!

2206z Hearing the Lincolnshire Poacher and other numbers station recordings

2210z Carrier gone. Signed off

Faintly hearing "Making Plans For Nigel" by XTC on my Tecusun PL990 at the QTH

But it's loud and clear on an SDR in Paderborn, Germany

Long time since Iíve had the pleasure of hearing RFW. Loud and steady into Pocono Pines, PA tonight on the Tecsun 990

S7 into Pocono Pines, PA on the Tecsun 990

General Radio Discussion / Re: Brother Stair Dies
« on: April 05, 2021, 0041 UTC »
He was a pedophile, a sexual predator. He was pure evil. Few will miss him.

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