We seek to understand and document all radio transmissions, legal and otherwise, as part of the radio listening hobby. We do not encourage any radio operations contrary to regulations. Always consult with the appropriate authorities if you have questions concerning what is permissible in your locale.

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Smoking in Rhode Island😎20 over

10 over in Rhode Island! Big audio!

Smoking in Rhode Island Dickweed! 59 plus 10🤘Keep it going 😎

Smoking in Rhode Island! Hitting 20 over!

59 plus 10 in Rhode Island! Keep up the good work. Rocking my ic7300  8)

Excellent signal into Rhode Island 15 over on my 7300. Sounds are great! Have fun.

15 over in Rhode Island🤘 Music is great! Keep it going Dickweed!

10 over in Rhode Island! Great music! Sounds good on my IC7300!

10 over in Rhode Island on my ic7300. Sounds great!

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