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it is possible but it don't matter.

neighbors stuff is part 15, it must accept interference that causes undesirable operation.

so to be frank, if the neighbors are just being dicks, then let them eat fishheads.

and that concludes the broadcast.

strange, I read about UVB33 in the oddities newsletter a few weeks ago.

could be legit?

It could be legit, however I am, by nature, suspicious of any transmission on 6925 kHz  ;D

if it is legit, they are brilliant, drop it in the middle of the pirate band. everyone will dismiss as a pirate.

Awww yeah back for more of dis good sh*t my homie. Comin' in solid with an s5 and low noise. You fly. I feel you. just sittin back relaxin and sippin my colt 45 yo. Off at 0300 just in time for some sparkin poppin and crashin from storms. Its like Shawshank Redemption up in here!

I unkeyed the rig, and was greeted with 10 over static crashes.


  0252 Z just weak audio, then gone by 0257 Z  :'(

as we get into winter your chances will improve

Thanks, WJD. The link worked great. That was interesting reading.
I note that this report was for a PSK-63 mode. It gets curiouser
and curiouser. I usually leave the SDR-IQ parked on 6925 when
I'm not listening elsewhere (sorry, not 6930 :))

BTW: You sound pretty good tonight but getting covered by
QRN crashes from time to time but such is life at this time of
the year. We are having too much of mid - upper 90s temperatures
and real close dew points. Gotta love Mr. Carrier for his cool
invention! BTW#2 - I could enjoy a change of mx to something
like Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Bluegrass... Just my
never humble opinion ;D Have a good transmission tonight!
Hey, a change of mx even before I clicked the Post button!

I have yet to catch the UVB33 station. but I don't always get to listen, I work a lot.

as for my broadcasts, I play a lot of Russian stuff

That's interesting WJD. Thanks for the info. Do you
have a link to oddities post?


page 64

strange, I read about UVB33 in the oddities newsletter a few weeks ago.

could be legit?

and im off.

some of the stuff played today was Александр and the youtube channel below

it sure is.  ;D

moved to 875U to ge away from the bc stations

Broadcast Announcements / WJD 15:30UTC 4/17 13.875USB
« on: April 17, 2016, 1502 UTC »
Ill be doing a broadcast at 13.855U at 15:30UTC

moving up to 13.855 due to bc activity on 845

moved up to 13875 to get a clear spot.

S7 here. Rammstein.
01:52 looks like its gone

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: RFW 6945 USB 0011 UTC 4/7/16
« on: April 07, 2016, 0015 UTC »
+20 here, very strong, sounds good.

S9 strong

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