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North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6955 USB 0210 UTC 25 DEC 2022
« on: December 25, 2022, 0220 UTC »
*0210 Piano Xmas instrumental mx
No ann
EZL music
into Schroeder (Peanuts) mx.
Intentional QRM after 0215
QRM - Stream of thought ramblings
    guns, weapons, etc.
Both fading 0227

0130  Just in the noise; mx & male tk
0150 improving; jazzy mx w/ male ann (??); fading up slightly
0200 still wk at 25332

Sounds like Floyd.
Strong, well modulated,
Long jam album cut; sounds like Gilmore; light fades
0107 - Sugar Sugar (abruptly on)
Muddled ID, then "See if you can ID this."
Painted Black (instrumental)-- but NOT The Stones
S7 good signal, little fading, some static 55345
0117 - ????? Instrumental
OM ann into guitar instrumantal
0124 Damn Skippy ID
Cover of Ozzie, Crazy Train
0128 - ?? vocal

Christmas tunes
Silent Night
0142 FAX image (not decoded)
0144 Tubular Bells - Oldfield
35333 Some light fades
Big fade 0152; then up to S4; active ionosphere
UTE QRM 0155 (brief)
0158  [ Image }
Bad Bad Leroy Brown  - Jim Croce

UNID  6950usb 12/24/22 lotsa QRN 25233
0039 Psychotic Reaction - Count Five
0042 Pushin' Too Hard - The Seeds
0045 (fading)
The music of my misspent youth.!~!~!  Thanx
0048 Wild Thing - The Troggs
0051 Wooly Bully _ Sam the Sham
0054 Red Riding Hood - Sam the Sham (some UTE QRM)
0056 Bony Bony
0101 G L O R I A (sigs up to S4) - Them
0104 ID ??? Radio (Dog??)
0105 Stop Stop - Hollies
0107 Bus Stop - Hollies
0110 Long Cool Woman - Hollies
0113 Mustang Sallie (Sigs at S5)
0116 Time - Chambers Bros (full album cut) psychedelic soul !~!~!
   11 minutes of memories (with some fades)
0127 Dog Radio ID  [ "Troll-ing" for pirate fanatics ]  ;-))
0127 Play that Funky Music
0132 Born on the Bayou - CCR
Gotta go.  Nice Show.  Thanx.
BTW --- No songs were IDed via SHAZAM.  Yeah... I'm that old.!~!~!

QSLs Received / Re: Commercial Radio eQSL 13 Nov 2022
« on: November 14, 2022, 0249 UTC »
Typo..... *2210 - 2240* 

Wolverine Radio 6950 USB
0110 Judy's Turn to Cry
0113 Turn Turn Turn
Golden Oldies with Pescadore QRM
0117 Turn Down Day
0120 Turn to Stone (Break in the Peskies)
0122 Soul "Momma said" ???

Broadcast Announcements / Blood Lust Radio
« on: October 29, 2022, 0301 UTC »
Halloween Special from THE FOX. Available on the Internet Archive at The fox - Pirate's Cove.  90 downloadable files; shows, ads, PSAs.  Happy Halloween, mateyz.

Pirate Radio History / Re: Great Halloween Massacre of 1998
« on: May 26, 2022, 0457 UTC »
Great Caesar's Ghost.!~!~!  Reminds me of 1992, or was it 1991?  Too old to remember exactly.  It was April.  First day of trout season.  Raining.  Got back home with my son and his award winning brown trout.  Now a wall hanger.  My XYL said that I had had a visitor, but he'd be back.  Sure he was.  John Rahtes, Field Engineer from the Philly office.  Showed him the station (turn tables, decks, compressor/limiter, etc).  Flipped on the rig at his request.  Yeah... 7415 lit up.  Got the "TALK".  He left. 

Later found out that I was not alone.  HOPE RADIO got the pinch, and two others (I think).  Radio Free OZ had been #4 "with a bullet" on an FCC press release.  Not sure about several others; probably all lumped into OZ.

Got a letter that they wanted $1k or it was gonna go to $10k.  I responded that the deal was $1k,... but nothing about 30 days.  Sure enuf... about a month later came a letter from the Feddy DA for the 3rd area.  I called.  We talked.  Told him about the $1k.  Told him about their specious claim of "interfering with health and safety frequencies".  Told him how we had to go QSY when VOA (Africa) came on with megawatts.  He started to whimper that it wasn't worth his time for $10k, let alone $1k.  So I shouted, "Then, FORGET IT.!~!~!"  [heh heh heh] 

Never heard from them again.  ;-))  AHhhhhh the mammaries.....

Ball Smacker 5/21 *0158 utc 6960.0 am
0058  Midi IS
0100 -- BallSmacker ID -- S-9 steady
0101 -- Wings – Band on the RUN
0105 – Del Shannon -- My Little RUNaway
0107 – Petty – RUNnin’ Down a Dream
0112 – Steve Miller -- Take the Money and RUN
0114 – ID into – CCR -- RUN Thru the Jungle
0117 – Firefall (?) – RUN RUN RUN Away
0122 – ID into – The Boss – Born to RUN
0127 -- ??? – I’m Gonna RUN Away
0131 – ID with Proton Mail add
0131 – Floyd – RUN Like Hell
0135 – Dion & the Belmonts -- RUN Aeound Sue
0137 – Doobies – It Keeps You RUNnin’
    Time for me to RUN.
    I have no idea what the special word might be.
    No Shazam here

Commercial Radio... "all bits, all the time".

Max Profit playing ads, shills and PSAs. 

Camel Toe Jeans, Men's Whorehouse, Rhode Island School of BCing, Necro Anon PSA, et al. 

Commentary on the lack of creativity of current Free Radio ops.  So sad.

0250 - 0319* 6960 AM

A leisure time product of The Fox; in conjunction with Sick Puppy Productions

Caught several mentions of Illuminati.  RI??????

At signoff went to 6960 and Canuck programming.  Nice to hear the GWN.  Reminds me of "The Beaver".   ;-))

Unca Billy

Just a quicky.

Considering shortwave in full blown 300 to 3k AM; and more so in SSB; the MP3s are just "Fine as Frog's Fur".

Ever see fur on a frog?

Pretty damned fine, ain't it?


Pirate Radio History / Re: Archived shows de the Fox Stations
« on: October 03, 2020, 0127 UTC »
Yeah... there are a few... some on the Archive, some elsewhere.  A good search engine should start to find 'em. 

I was getting kinda fed up with the FM wannabees.  Just song after song and use ur Shazam to sort 'em out.  Some of us Olde Heads... remember when the ops used to script funny stuff... for ads and PSAs.  Stuff like Pat Murphy's Broadcast Specialists (think other terms for BS) DJ Course.... or my RISBC (Rhode Island School of BCing (So ya wanna be on the radio...)  How about my "Gland Hoser" ad... poking some fun at Glenn Hauser.  Etc etc etc.

That's why I posted the 'Pirate Bitz'.  Free to use.  Put some Pizzazz in ur shows.  And that sorta thing.

Also, nice to have a shot at whole shows... with no QRM or QRN.  Clear as groundwave from 5 miles away.  ;-))

Thanx, buddy.  C U on the bands.

IS sign on at 0057 - S9+
QRMing WTF Radio
Ball Smacker ID by OM at 0100
Calif Dreamin' - Mommas & Poppas
Free Fallin' - Petty
0107 YL ann for new website
Female folk song - New England
     Hade a brief overdrive - S meter jump & distortion at 0109
November Rain - Guns & Axyls
    Brief loss of audio (2 sec) at 0117
0119  OM ID w/ protonmail addy
Fall to Pieces

Secret word is... FALL

Thanx for the show.
Fallin in Love - Spinners

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