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What type of transmission are these sounds ?
I've ruled out radar's already.

Equipment / Cat6 wire for RX antenna
« on: October 07, 2018, 1518 UTC »
8 wires = 4 twisted pair
What kind band range would cat6 receive?
I've been suggested to wrap multiple loops around the bedroom window, yet my issue lies in; will cat6 work for RX?

Equipment / Mag loop ANT - DIY build
« on: September 02, 2018, 1346 UTC »
So, I've got a 7'- 1/2"dia piece of coaxRX onlyCable Impedance 50 ohm ±2 ohm
Capacitance 23.0 pF/ft   |   75.5 pF/m
dc Resistance, Inner Conductor 1.476 ohms/km   |   0.450 ohms/kft
dc Resistance, Outer Conductor 1.903 ohms/km   |   0.580 ohms/kft
dc Test Voltage 4000 V
Inductance 0.190 µH/m   |   0.058 µH/ft
Insulation Resistance 100000 Mohms•km
Jacket Spark Test Voltage (rms) 5000 V
Operating Frequency Band 1 – 8800 MHz
Peak Power 40.0 kW
Power Attenuation 2.325
I would like the bandwidth as wide as possible; I like 40m & 80m. Parts, tuner, capacitor ? Good cost efficient idea's requested.  

The exit IO plugin is the thing. When i tried running my radio through the HDSDR program posted, your hardware won't run w/o the exitIO driver/plug-in. Good news, thanks for your effort. 

Had a bad experience on the USB driver convertion, not the radio to usb bridge cord. Had to use thee zadig something or another, usb driver program wouldn't load on windows 10. When using zadig to load the usb driver on win10, it will knock out your win10 usb drivers, so your mouse & the usb ports will not work after using zadig to load drivers.
Anyway: reloaded my win10 drivers from Dell, usb ports & mouse working.

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Cable from my Icom7200 into my pc
« on: July 13, 2018, 0714 UTC »
So I have this cable which goes into my radio, & the other end is a USB connector. Which I'm running into my pc. So I am wondering of a SDR program I can run to bring up my radio on my computer ?

Other / USCG command broadcast
« on: June 12, 2018, 0022 UTC »
Haven't found USCG schedule for 4316 ?
I logged this weather report 2day @ 1130z on 4316 USB

I like it, nice logo.

General Radio Discussion / Antenna 4 bedroom setup
« on: June 09, 2018, 1906 UTC »
I'm running my ICOM7200 in the bedroom, I'm needing a better antenna for greater RX, in hopes of rigging antenna in room for RX ONLY ?

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