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Sounds like a carrier strike group composite training unit exercise (COMPTUEX). GOLF WHISKEY is probably the net control station. I have heard similar activity on 3265, 5425, 5404, 6235, 6249.5, 11053.5, etc.

That was the first flight for VH051. Photo:


Wow, hey Matt, glad you joined us! I have been following you and your pictures for YEARS on airliners.net and your blog, and pretty sure I briefly chatted with you while I was hanging out in the Future of Flight parking lot about 10 years ago, watching 787 tests. My one and only visit to KPAE but I'd like to bring my little kids back when they're older.

I probably don't remember that but thanks for stopping by.  :)

Matt Cawby
Everett, WA

That was the first flight for VH051. Photo:


Utility / Re: 11175 USB
« on: January 05, 2020, 2329 UTC »
HFGCS has been mighty quiet last few days, just heard the first emission a few minutes ago after several hours of monitoring.

2215Z 05JAN19
Last caller last caller this is RECKLESS RECKLESS how copy?

RECKLESS broadcast a 116 character EAM at 2251z on 11175, good signal on the west coast

Utility / 11.159
« on: November 17, 2019, 2229 UTC »
11.175 November 17 2215z. RAIDER49 requested phone patch to (?) moved to 11.159 requested weather for KNFG at landing time 0200z.

5.451 is another Boeing flight test frequency. I caught BOE223 on 123.425 before they switched to 11.306, it sounded like this:

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