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First time posting here and I am considering obtaining an SDR.  I am no stranger to SDR's as I owned Softrock Ensemble II receivers (both LF and HF) as well as an RFspace SDR-14.  The Softrocks did ok and I still have them, but not hooked up (was trying to get one working in the latest Ubuntu but a definite no go :)).  My prize was the SDR-14 and I used it for listening to Jupiter back around 2010 or so.  Being able to see and record full HF spectrum helped determine whether a emission was from Jupiter or not.  Unfortunately, that SDR had to be sold due to much needed funding!  I sort of regret that now as it was a wonderful performer. 

So, sort of getting back into the swing of things.  Over the last three years, I came across something that at least on the surface appears much like the SDR-14 and that's KiwiSDR.  I don't know if it has direct sampling or not, but tuning into the many web based stations definitely shows full HF coverage simultaneously.  The price appears to be significantly less than the SDR-14, although I do see one big drawback and it seems to need a web interface to work?  It looks like for at least the board and that little computer it plugs into would run around $250 US or so. 

Well, I'd still like to do better than that price and have the features of the Kiwi, assuming that it is, in fact, much like the SDR-14 was.  I have read some threads at other sites suggesting sales sometimes of the boards, but I don't see that coming up very often.  So, what about any Kiwi clones?  Any comparable to the original or no go?  Options other than Kiwi/ SDR-14 offering same features and quality (and less price)?

Thank you in advance,

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