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S6-S7 Decent signal into NW suburban Boston

0207 UTC Lithium, Nirvana
0208 UTC SSTV?
0209 UTC A second of this, a few seconds of that
0210 UTC Battery, Metalica
0215 UTC  Movie dialog?: Hi, hello, how are you
0216 UTC Godzilla, BOC
0219 UTC More SSTV?
0220 UTC More dialog
0222 UTC Won't Back Down, Tom Petty

0224 UTC More dialog, Stop whining, don't give me that crap
0225 UTC Mary Jane's Last Dance, Tom Petty

0229 UTC More dialog
0230 UTC Repeater, Fugazi
0234 UTC More dialog, Hi, Who are you
0235 UTC Female: The request lines are open

   [Okay, how 'bout some Zappa? Or Flo & Eddie?]

0236 UTC  Cha Cha Slide, DJ Casper
0239 UTC  More dialog

0239 UTC Joe's Garage, Zappa  <YES!>   ;D ;D ;D

0245 UTC More dialog, Sauerkraut yummy
                         Who is your daddy and what {tf} does he do?
0247 UTC Goodnight Sweetheart, The Spaniels (doing a great impression of Ruben & the Jets)  8)

0249  UTC Sign off  [Awesome show! Thanks for the music on demand!]

Enjoying the show; thanks!

Just a minute or so of Caribbean steel drum music. S7.  A few seconds after I tuned down from 6960 USB, it was over.

Hoping it was a warm-up/tune-up for something later.

S9+20 into Boston area
Good quality signal

0042  Fashion
0045  This is Facism (Consolidated)
0050  Do You Fear for your Child?
0055  Roe rant
0058  I Want to Get High

{Sorry about originally posting this in the European forum. I got confused...   ::)  }

Edit: Otherwise nice signal is getting splattered by adjacent station on 6980.005.

Other / Pirate or ham jammer on 3860?
« on: June 20, 2022, 0314 UTC »
This may be an ongoing 80 meter circus, so I don't want to post it in the Pirates forum. But the, um, programming sounds a little bit like a legitimate pirate, if that's not too much of an oxymoron. I don't see another topic or thread that this fits in, so will toss out here and see what the mods think.


June 20 0230 -- 0305 UTC
3860 LSB Variety of things ranging from kids TV show themes to Rage Against the Machine to rants, taunts, & abuse.

S5 - S9 in the Boston area.

May have stopped transmitting while I was typing this @0310 UTC.

Logged on KiwiSDR Westminster, MD, USA
Not present at home QTH near Burlington, MA.

Doors music interspersed with data sig (SSTV?).

01:44 Five to One
01:47 Texas Radio
01:52 data
01:55 Road House Blues
01:57 data
02:00 gone

02:08 Fixed date typo (2x)

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