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HF Beacons / The 'Coast Slider' 4109.5
« on: February 12, 2022, 0617 UTC »
The old Pop-Up Beacon, much modified and renamed to the "Coast Slider" was emplaced
in the coastal mountains of central CA and switched on yesterday at 2330 UTC,
(3:30pm CA time).

The beacon has undergone substantial modifications from its earlier incarnation
as the PUB: *lower* power, smaller enclosure and solar panel, and a unique antenna.
A 'slide' (whoop) was purposely added to provide the beacon with a distinctive
audio and waterfall signature.

Still recovering from the hike, unseasonable heat and hours of install work, but
will provide more beacon details soon.

Reception reports are appreciated.

HF Beacons / A "pop up" beacon
« on: June 24, 2021, 1736 UTC »
Good morning!

A new low power beacon, located in a western desert, will be tested 
- starting on Thursday 6/24 at ~7:30pm pacific time (0230 UTC 6/25), and
- ending  on  Sunday   6/27 at ~1:00pm pacific time (2000 UTC 6/27).

Look for the beacon between 4100 and 4110 KHz, with a 1/2 second dash. 

Please send reception reports to beaconpop@protonmail.com. Include the location of receiver and the beacon's period to get an e-QSL with more information about the beacon.

This is only a short 2.5 day test of the beacon TX, the site, and solar and antenna  performance. If all goes well the beacon will be permanently emplaced and run 24/7 later this summer.

Many Thanks,

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