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Tough one to ID for me, so we'll go with the consensus on this one.

0225z Playing Macarena  
0227z really a rough copy for me ...
0235z Hear voice, not music ATTM but still very weak here.
0245z Carrier still present but little else for me ...

Hearing New York Radio giving aviation wx observations on 2.000 MHz USB ... since when did this become standard? Have never heard them before down this low ...

I should also note, since being active with 'operations' at the high end of the 160m band since about November of last year (and the same the year before, but commencing about June 2011) this is the first time I have seen any activity *just* above 2 MHz aside from some Mexican 'traffic' that straddled across 2 MHz around this last Christmas ...

Doh! I see where someone else has observed them as well:


And off-air at 0350z

Back on at 0400z.

NYRadio has definitely taken up residence at 2 MHz for these aviation wx broadcasts!

(About those 'ops' I was referring to above: I was running a 100W test beacon at 2.0 MHz LSB for a few months from November into January. I would have observed them had they been there at 2.0 MHz USB as a 'trace' would have been left in the bandscope of the receiver I was using.)

Freq is about 6924.9 kHz ... not terribly strong ...

Local WSPR xmtr is desensing 6925 kHz rcvr too when it comes on ....

Pretty good sounding signal, but sometimes buried in QRN at this locale ...

02:59z Freq closer to 6924.8 kHz now ...

Utility / 2.000 MHz, USB, digital data, in the TX maybe AR and LA area
« on: December 13, 2011, 0344 UTC »
Just noticed it tonight ... strong signals into DFW area ...

No idea what system or service these transmissions are associated with, but, the spectrum is normally marine.

Also, using Spectran, the following characteristics were noted:

Occupied BW: 650 Hz .. 2850 Hz  (Rcvr IF BW set for 3 kHz, Rcv freq = 2.000 MHz)

Startup (training sequence) carriers:

790 1090 1160 1460 1760 1840 2130 2430 2510 2810

OFDM data carriers every 60 Hz (yeah, I know: line rate) or so ...

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6925 am 0215z unk
« on: October 08, 2011, 0217 UTC »
Some grunge guitar licks coming thru the ether!

0217z ... something 'radio' but QRN is a killer here tonight ... now more guitar.

0225z  Pgm continues ...
0232z Pgm continues, QRN abating some, signal stronger at times too.

North American Shortwave Pirate / unk AM 6925 as of 0114z 10-08-2011
« on: October 08, 2011, 0115 UTC »
Hear something, unable to make out; lotsa QRN tonight!

There were two station in there, now one ... and sounds like recorded material, like a regular program of some sort ...

Program continues ... sounds like cartoonish character. Signal picking up some as night progresses.

Signal off briefly. Not strong enough to make much out with the QRN here ..

Utility / 5202u TX Army MARS Training Net 1330z 5-08-2011
« on: May 08, 2011, 1345 UTC »
Caught about 20 mins of the net this morning at 8:30 AM CDT local time ...

Saw them on a spec an while busy with other activities.

Net still active as of 13:45 Z / 8:45 AM CDT

Net still active as of 13:57 Z / 8:57 AM CDT

Late posting - copied in the field Friday afternoon, the 8th

ID'd as "Radio Junk"

Freq 27.990 MHz, AM mode

Quite a mix of material - well worth the 'mind trip' tuning in.

Degen/Kaito 1103 portable used as receiver using built-in whip

Copied in N. Texas

Was surprised to hear a pirate that high up; was in search of the 'sweepers' that usually seem to inhabit the 6925 kHz area .. the sweepers have been quite active in the 27.5 - 27.95 area lately (propagation has been that good) ...

Some Spanish-language traffic mostly on the upper sideband part of things ...

2227z Song: 50's fave: "Makin' whoppe ..."

For those wanting to avoid the voice-QRM try 6939.800 kHz LSB ...

2234z Pgm continues, but, fades to inaudible at times with complete loss of carrier here in Tejas ...

2343z Copied ID while in car: "Radio Casablanca"

Saw him on the scope and tuned in ...

Freq closer to 6924.92 kHz (on the cal'd Icom)

This is LSB by the way.

2037z Peaking to S7 in Texas

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6925u Capt Ron(?), 1850z 11-14-2010
« on: November 14, 2010, 1905 UTC »
Have not caught an ID yet, signal level stronger last few minutes tho ...

1905z - sounds like Capt. Ron.

1906z "NWO" oriented pgm; varied in content, sig lvls weak 'til the last few min.

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6925am UNID 0308z 10-03-2010
« on: October 03, 2010, 0310 UTC »
0308 Just heard: "This is the Dawning of the age of Aquarius ... " before fade into noise ...

0310z Carrier still present (6924.8 or so), just too weak now to copy much audio ...

0314z Carrier faded to nearly inaudible using narrow CW filter even ... the band is not cooperating tonight ...

0317z Carrier up, some pgm audio coming thru; just heard op giving ID maybe ... and signal fades again ...

0319z High-energy techno-trance crossed with rap tune ..

0329z Carrier present; too weak for pgm audio though!

Been active for awhile on 6924.95 kHz ...

A pair of ops and a variety of music! Signal just returned from a deep fade - showed S5 at the peak.

0246z ID (sort of): "The ___ radio show presents ..." and another fade ...

0248z Kind of a Blues tune playing now, with some mild guitar picking ...

0250z Signal just coming up and missed the ID ... now playing: "Don't have time for a fast train ... My Baby Wrote me a letter" sung Motown-style ... and signal weaker again ...

0254z Op live voice-over music: "... Wolverine Radio (Wolverine mentioned, not necessarily ident'd as such) ... Sigma seven ... journey into the ionosphere tonight ..." and fade ..

0258z Op over music "being relayed by 1610 up in Ohio () ... and FM ... and 6925 ... "

0259z "... Rocking radio dot com ... "  - prolly Rockin Radio dot com (no 'g' in ing)

0300z Saying thanks and all (possible sign off) now playing Batman theme - Thanks guys, interesting program!

0304z Still hearing some light acoustical guitar music on frequency ...

0306z Still same station, frequency was 6924.95 kHz (I say was, they appear to have gone off as I type this) ...

0308z Now have a carrier on 6924.8 or so, with pgm ...

Utility / 6903.50u TX Army MARS Training Net 0004z 9-28-2010
« on: September 28, 2010, 0007 UTC »
Net starting up, taking check-ins, also IDing as to with or without sound card/PAKTOR/Telnet/WINMOR

The usual AAR6xx callsign group.

0023z Net continues; a disc on solar cells.

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6930u Outhouse Radio 0011z 9-27-2010
« on: September 27, 2010, 0012 UTC »
Also - the buzz-buzz stuff emanating (I think) from Cuban jammers can/could be heard ...

0012z Clint Eastwood/Fistfull of Dollars/Whistling 'opener' playing ...

0013z "Bad-boys, bad-boys watcha gonna do when they come for you ..."  S5 to S6 signal level

0025z ID (I think) "Outhouse Radio" computer voice

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