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Equipment / Wall Warts are nasty, RF spewing little balls of evil.
« on: March 09, 2014, 1859 UTC »
and I need to go buy one.
 I just dropped the Rat Shack 12v VDC 1000ma wall wart that was powering my PCR1000. Damn thing just shattered.
 Is there any model or supplier that is better than the others?

Left Lane Radio 6930 usb 23:03- 1/27/14 came on after Hardtack sign off with rock music, phonetic email address given leftlaneradio6925@gmail.com

Hardtack Radio 6930 usb 22:50-23:00 1/27/14   Old Kentucky Home, ID at 22:57 Music from the civil war era.
off with SSTV. only caught the end of the image, appeared to be the one they typically send.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Echo One 6921 AM 00:35- 9/24/13
« on: September 24, 2013, 0038 UTC »
Echo One 6921 AM 00:35- 9/24/13 SIO 252 Pirate Music fighting against the Pesky’s on adjacent feq both below and above

Boards of Canada  6925 usb 22:10- 9/23/13 SIO 454 sign on with CW into BoC mx. Music is Math, GyroScope, Dandelion, Sunshine Recorder, Julie and Candy, 22:36 switched to DRM 

 off air recording on the FTP site.

Radio Free Whatever 6950 AM 23:33- 9/18/13 SIO 353 DJ Dickweed and Steve with their QRM Show.

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Portable SDR
« on: September 02, 2013, 1215 UTC »
TL; DR  looking for a usb dongle SDR with general coverage and can be run by an android tablet.

 I'm looking for a suggestion for a new SDR. No I'm not giving up my NetSDR ( you'll pry that out of my cold dead hands) but I find myself in need of another radio.
 I'm typing this out from a remote campsite. Stiring life back into the campfire and drinking my second cup of coffee as the morning begins. I'm out here with ony two pieces of technology. My 10" Galaxy Note and the trusty Grundig G3. I think this scenario may be repeated many times in the comming years.  And as much as I like the G3 I miss the waterfall display. I may be addicted heh.
 So I ask this. Is there a SDR,  powered by usb, general coverage including the funny band, that can be run by an android tablet? I don't want to haul a lot of gear when I go camping,  but a SDR would be nice if it wasnt to bulky. 
 Any suggestions?

Utility / 6943 digital 08/20/13
« on: August 20, 2013, 2313 UTC »
Saw this digital station 23:00 8/20/13 on 6940-45. unshure of the mode Chris on the chat thought it was PSK that is mirrored.

UNID 6925 usb 21:43-21:50 7/9/13 SIO 454 on with SSTV, into skit, "Peanuts’ adult skit with charlie brown as a muslim.

North American Shortwave Pirate / KBOX 6950 AM 01:10- 7/8/13
« on: July 08, 2013, 0123 UTC »
KBOX 6950 AM 01:10- 7/8/13 SIO 252 just picking the girl “Boxee” out of the static. with some fainter unidentifiable pop music

Radio Free Whatever 6925 AM 22:30-20:27 7/7/13 SIO 353 Sign on by DJ Dickweed into music. good audio on the mic, just went to music and its significantly lower mod and a bit muddy. The Verve, Tom Petty, Hall and Oats, Deep Blue Something, Gin Blossoms. Signal bounced in and out of the noise but generally improved throughout the broadcast.   

off air recording- http://gulchsource.shacknet.nu:6955/Off%20Air/070713RFW.mp3

The Crystal Ship 6950 AM 02:00 7/4/13  SIO 454  Music. Johnny Cash?  Ragged old flag Yankee Doodle. Volunteer s of America

UNID 6925 usb 23:09-23:10 6/30/13 SIO 252 little deuce coup.

Radio Free Whatever 6925 AM 23:17- 6/26/13 SIO 252  
 into music. signal muffled and just above the noise. spike up briefly just enough to catch the ID at 23:19
23:45 signal just jumped up and Op is talking abou poor reports.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 usb 23:27- 6/13/13
« on: June 13, 2013, 2340 UTC »
UNID 6925 usb 23:27- 6/13/13 SIO 352 Tainted Love, 99 red balloons, Signal dove to “barely there” by 23:40

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