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North American Shortwave Pirate / Digital signals on 6925 kHz
« on: May 30, 2009, 0420 UTC »
I'm hearing what sounds like hf fax right now,(0418 utc very faint signal) but can't decode them...any one else giving it a try? Thx!...digital stuff over now (0422) very faint voices in the background.

Just on now (0403 utc)....Jimi Hendrix with "Burning Desire" the next song following "Owner of a Lonely Heart"...cannot make out the comments between songs due to low microphone level...female voice between songs. Very weak male voice at 0413 w/comments...The Guess Who -" Green Eyed Lady " 0420.

Shortwave Broadcast / Voice of Korea / DPRK on 15180 kHz
« on: April 15, 2009, 0110 UTC »
15180 kHz  ( //13760 kHz )  with news in EE @ 0100 utc,  'South & Central America' service SINPO 34333...

13650 kHz, EE @  0200 / 'South-East Asia service' SINPO 32333

1300 utc 2850 kHz DPRK local broadcast ( // 9665 kHz) Pyongyang,DPRK

Another DPRK  local broadcaster, 3220 kHz  / Hamhung, DPRK

Spy Numbers / 5883 kHz Spanish numbers station 07:06 utc
« on: April 07, 2009, 0711 UTC »
...Spanish 5 number groups in AM (not Cuban) following a MCW broadcast earlier on 5795.5  w/code burst traffic at 06:50 utc (same transmitter, I believe) I am also picking up the signal on my Sony SW7600GR/ with the antenna folded.... sinpo 53454... Signal strongest on my North / South facing wire....numbers transmission ends at 07:28, carrier remains ....odd tones & some kind of burst transmission at 07:30...more tones at 07:35...again at 07:40...definite pattern, repeated every five minutes for about 20 seconds each time...again 07:45....07:49:49 to 07:50:12...carrier disappears at

Faint reception of un ID'd station

Ricky Nelson 'Why must I be a teenager in love' followed by ' Lonely teardrops' by Jackie Wilson...fade out at 315 utc.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Voice of Doom 6925 kHz / usb
« on: April 05, 2009, 0235 UTC »
 On 04/05/09 (utc date) I picked up 'The Voice of Doom' on 6925/USB 'Broadcasting from Phobos '
with comments about a computer game being played during broadcast.

 Listened from 0143 to 0224 UTC sign off

Good signal into San Francisco, CA with a SINPO of 43344

I am using a Yaesu 817nd with Par end-fed swl antenna.  I also picked up the station on a Sony 7600GR with whip antenna.

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