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Other / unidentified signal
« on: September 22, 2013, 1424 UTC »
Yesterday, 09/21/13 local date and time of 1800 I noticed an unidentified signal on 6950. Maybe slow scan TV or FAX? A repeating signal that lasted several hours. Did anyone else notice it and if so, any thoughts of what type of signal it was? It is not on as of this posting 1425 09/22/13 UTC

Equipment / Suggestions?
« on: September 15, 2013, 2213 UTC »
Ok, I could use some help. I have been a radio bug for almost 50 years. Mostly shortwave listening, scanning, and to a lesser degree, ham radio. I have no real technical skills. I have no money to spend either. My equipment is not bad but dated. JRC-NRD-525, Kenwood TS-820s, and Yaesu FT-8900, Realistic 2004 and 2042. I had extra sharp filters put in the NRD-525 back 25 years ago when I bought it. I thought I would get into FAX and other modes that could use the filters. I never did follow up with that part.

Now days my interests are shortwave broadcast listening, pirate, clandestine, number stations. The dark side of radio, if you will. I think the equipment is ok. My issue is more with antennas. I have a bit of space but not huge. ĺ acre. No legal or neighbor issues. I canít afford a tower and have no real way to get very high up in the air.

So with all that in mind what suggestions does anyone have for a guy with not much money and no skill to build anything complex? I am willing to learn. I mostly need better antennas. I donít have too much problem with man made QRM. One local AM station but no real issues there.

Any ideas would help.

Partial India Radio just came up at 0155 USB S-4 to S-5 in Waupun WI

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