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23800 KHz on-air let me know if anyone can copy me!

original title  :
27265 KHz Sluwe Vos Radio & Delmare Radio test

Who can copy our special broadcast on 27265 KHz AM?

(edit by Ray)

If anyone can copy me, please let me now in the comments!

Short test with new antenna, now on-air

16:45 UTC Back on-air!

Reports are welcome on the forum  8)

reports are welcome on the forum

15080 KHz with some easter songs  ;D

Reports are welcome

On-air on 15620 KHz with some music central Europe

European Pirates and Private Stations / 15610 KHz AM test
« on: March 26, 2022, 1825 UTC »
ON-air with a small test, any reception?

19:52z Strabane polka
19:55z Blue skirt waltz - Frank Yankovic
19:58z Uriah Heep - Lady in Black
19:58z Kim Wilde - Cambodia

UNID station

Received on web SDR in Poland local only trace of carrier

6290 KHz Russian pop mx audible
22:00 CET Tima Belorusskikh - Nezabudka
22:08 CET Ne perezivay - dj mexx & nedj remix
22:14 CET moved to 6291 KHz
22:15 CET baby (frost & robby mond & tolkachev radio remix)
22:27 CET C/D

(subject line edited by Ray)

European Pirates and Private Stations / 15890 KHz Broadcast
« on: November 05, 2016, 1416 UTC »
We are on-air on 15890 KHz AM from 14:15z until approximately 15:15z
Reports are welcome in this thread

12:30 UTC We are now broadcasting on 21460 KHz in AM!
Reports are welcome in this topic

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