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Spy Numbers / M12 14728 CW 1310 UTC 8 AUG 2022
« on: August 08, 2022, 1323 UTC »
Single message format message w/ 61 group count for ID 973

First time using the Black Cat HF Weather Fax decoder with SDRUno.. wow! Will need to add this to my toolbox.

This one received with no adjustments for slant etc, will need to play around with a bit but I'm amazed how easy this makes the entire process.

Barely able to pick up music playing at this time; sounds like blues music. Buried in atmospheric noise, sounds like some crashing noises from storm activity somewhere.

0302 BOR ID clearly heard, although weak
~ lots of great old blues music
0318 BOR ID w/ female voice and musical interlude; clearer but still subject to some noise

The music is still going at 0416 but I'm shutting things down here.  Signal gradually improved to between S3 and S5 here; noise heard earlier diminished quite a bit and I was able to enjoy a fair amount of the music.  Thanks for the great show BOR, I look forward to catching it again sometime! Opps, just heard another Station ID at 0418.

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