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Same bat-time...same bat-channel!

Really weak here in Northern VA, not much more than carrier. Very faint voices. Can tell by the accents and laughter it's Old Time Radio.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Old Time Radio 6770 AM 2335 UTC
« on: April 22, 2015, 2339 UTC »
Somewhere down in the noise on my SDR, I'm hearing Old Time Radio around 6770khz. This is my best guess, I hear laughter and things that would make me think it's Old Time Radio; plus that tends to be it's favorite frequency.

I can't identify what show it is; current voice I can hear reminds me of Mickey Mouse...but it's not high pitched enough. Just can't pull it out here in Northern Virginia yet.

Heard this on my SDR with upconverter on the long-wire that's way too long. Can tell it's OTR and did hear one ident stating I was listening to James Stewart in...something.

Have been actually listening since around 1005 after finding it accidentally. Doing some major fading in and out, making it difficult to really keep up with what's going on. Heard a MFSK signal on the upper end of the USB a few minutes ago. Audio Sample because I can.

*Update: 2245: Still going; fading in and out over 20 second cycles. Updated screenshot with timestamps and closer waterfall.*

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