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FM DX Loggings / KOSU, 91.7 Oklahoma (heard in Dailey, WV)
« on: June 18, 2020, 1554 UTC »
At 1530 listening to NPR’S 1-A KOSU , 91.7 here in Dailey, WV (Randolph County) while driving southbound on state route 250/219.
Radio: Ford Escape XLT am/fm   
Signal bursts and fades while driving south.

FM DX Loggings / Mix94.1 Akron, heard in WV
« on: June 09, 2020, 1455 UTC »
1300-1400 Been hearing Mix 94.1 located in Akron OHIO (I-heart radio) in Huttonsville WV, 305 linear miles, elevation: 3,300 feet, crystal clear signal today. Hazy sunshine with high humidity, temperature near 74 top of the mountain.
Listening to the station on a 2012 Ford Escape XLT factory radio.
Unsure of the linear miles.

FM DX Loggings / WSMR 89.1 Sarasota FL (heard in WV)
« on: April 15, 2020, 1729 UTC »
Sorry for the late posting as I was in the midst of driving to a meeting & had no acces to cellular signals to post this....
At 2100 UTC, I was driving down the mountain at Kumbrabow State Forest, located near Elkwater Dam, Randolph County, WV.  When I started down the southeasterly descent, I began hearing a distant radio station playing classical music.  It was at 89.1, FM.  Usually there's an NPR-related station out of Roanoke, VA (on that freq) which I always receive as I travel easterly, & it always has "All Things Considered" during that time frame.  In this case though, there was classical music.  Once I was in the valley, the reception (miraculously) became crystal clear.  When I arrived at the post office (In Huttonsville, 26273), I was able to see the RDS on the display & it showed WSRM, Classical, 89.1.  My elevation at the time was 2,000 feet in the valley.  At the onset of reception, my elevation was close to 2800-feet.
The announcer did a psa for donating old vehicles (for NPR), however, when they did their call letters & numbers (89.1 and 103.9) no geographical location for the radio station was mentioned.
I went back to the supt. residence here at the state forest, looked up the call letters + the frequency, & saw that the station was based outa FLORIDA!!! 
The radio I heard the station on is an AM/FM unit, in a 2012 Ford Excape XLT.  Nothing special, but has very good reception, for a non-touch screen head unit.  Its' RDS Display was showing WSMR; Classical. 89.1
Is this some special type of eskip-event? 

Alternatively, condition of our skies were gray, with a cold front moving, with heavy snowfall.  Local-to-me stations had very poor reception.  lot's of fading and static (no thunderstorms were in the area). 
I should contact the station, however I don't think they'd give a sh!t.

Shortwave Pirate / UNID 8060 AM 0:00 Jul 31 2016
« on: July 31, 2016, 0014 UTC »
Conversation of one female and two males, lots of cussing / profanity.
Sounds like they're running a meth lab! Lot's of background whooshing noise as if they're heating up something with a propane device.
Lot's off authoritative directions from one male and profanity.
S5 here in Medina, OH

0015 off the air

Shortwave Pirate / UNid 8070 at 1110 UTC 07-29-2016
« on: July 29, 2016, 2140 UTC »
UNid 8070 at 1110 UTC  S2 received in lower Cleveland OH
Content consisted of two females (in background possibly recorded with low quality microphone) in dialog (one seemed inebriated, perhaps under influence of LSD).
Dialog conversation words varied from "White trash, white girl, constipation and a lot of "F" word profanity.
1121 UTC signal dropped out completely, rebounded at 1123.
Other female making grunt and nasal-like noises
1129 UTC Conversation continued in reference to racism, with one (possibly two) males.
1131 UTC signal lost or transmission powered down

Later into the afternoon, I picked up a Toronto commercial radio station on 6069 at 1630UTC, signal faded in and out, mostly at S2, with factory Sangean Reel antenna... Any idea why a local commercial station is broadcasting on this frequency? I couldn't catch the call letters or the frequency. One program was called "Beyond the Light" with (I think) Mike Bullyard.

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