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Fishing Drift Net Beacons / DNB logs for October 2020:
« on: October 01, 2020, 0820 UTC »
Thursday 01st October 2020:

2.689MHz  VM6  1148z  579 report.
2.686MHz  SW8  1620z  519 report.
2.616MHz  IR7  1136z  539 report.
2.609MHz  CC6  1132z  529 report.
2.600MHz  OB8  1638z  519 report.
2.565MHz  DN3  1630z  539 report.
2.547MHz  GX8  1144z 419 report.
2.431MHz  WM5  1655z 529 report.
2.403MHz  KF6  1615z  419 report.
2.345MHz  TEET 1609z 559 report. (Misfiring)
2.341MHz  AP4  1612z 539 report.
2.275MHz  AS4  1605z 569 report.
2.245MHz  AI1  1005z  319 report.
2.243MHz  BC1  1618z  529 report.
2.021MHz  DW0 1010z  319 report.
1.865MHz  GE0  0810z  419 report.

Longwave Loggings / New Zealand NDB's tabled for termination.
« on: September 16, 2020, 0708 UTC »
The New Zealand aviation authorities have announced the following NDB beacons are to be decomissioned:

314KHz  RD  Miranda NZ  to be closed down on, or by the 05th of November 2020.

254KHz  WI  Waiku NZ being considered for termination by June 2021.
350KHz  SY  Surrey NZ         - as above -
358KHz  NL  Newlands NZ     - as above-

278KHz  WS  Westport NZ to be progressively "downgraded" and termination by November 2021.

226KHz  KK  Kerikeri NZ being considered for decomissioning by November 2022.

Fishing Drift Net Beacons / DNB logs for September 2020
« on: September 02, 2020, 0822 UTC »
Tuesday 01st of September 2020:

2.695MHz  VF0  1703s  519 report.
2.692MHz  KZ7  1703z  559 report.
2.669MHz  DC7  1701z  559 report.
2.666MHz  JI7  1714z  589 report.
2.600MHz  OZ1  1712z  579 report.
2.567MHz  GS2  1700z  559 report.
2.527MHz  GU9  1710z  569 report.
2.413MHz  OW8  1758z  419 report.
2.435MHz  CY9  1718z  519 report.
2.395MHz  IJ8  1728z  519 report.
2.380MHz  CN7  1722z  419 report.
2.368MHz  OC7  1716z  559 report.
2.365MHz  FC9  1747z  559 report.
2.365MHz  CY9  1718z  519 report.
2.365MHz  QR8  1719z  519 report.
2.352MHz  OO6  1748z  529 report.
2.335MHz  RV9  0620z  579 report.
2.315MHz  IW6  1722z  519 report.
2.314MHz  OO3  1720z  529 report.

August DNB log note:

During August the "OO" series was dominant across the band with the following heard from the series:

OO1  2.600MHz  1019z
OO2  2.302MHz  0832z
OO3  2.314MHz  1141z
OO5  2.341MHz  1110z
OO6  2.352MHz  1154z
OO7  2.368MHz  1037z

The only ones not logged were OO4, OO8 and OO9, the "OO" series may come from the same mother ship and looking at the times logged, may be placed in the same area and hence arriving on the same propagation path.  Another mystery unsolved. :)

Fishing Drift Net Beacons / DNB logs for August 2020
« on: August 01, 2020, 0705 UTC »
Saturday 01st August 2020:

2.696MHz  CW  FS6  0655z  529 report.
2.692MHz  CW  OZ6  0651z  519 report.
2.665MHz  CW  ZQ1  0657z  319 report.
2.635MHz  CW  AL9  2028z  519 report.
2.575MHz  CW  BN5  0953z  539 report.
2.569MHz  CW  CU9  0945z  319 report.
2.552MHz  CW  KL8  2048z  579 report.
2.548MHz  CW  FL0  1640z  519 report.
2.545MHz  CW  ER8  0950z  419 report.
2.515MHz  CW  CN3  1635z  319 report.
2.403MHz  CW  CF3  2027z  579 report.
2.398MHz  CW  QX4  0940z  419 report.
2.395MHz  CW  IJ8  2052z  539 report.
2.391MHz  CW  CG7  1649z  519 report.
2.381MHz  CW  ZP0  1655z  559 report.
2.380MHz  CW  CN7  0645z  419 report.
2.335MHz  CW  GH9  0800z  529 report.
2.315MHz  CW  SW6  2031z  319 report.
2.315MHz  CW  DN3  2050z  539 report. (also SW6 in background 419 report.)
2.300MHz  CW  BC5  2045z  529 report.
2.265MHz  CW  DA8  0802z  319 report.
2.243MHz  CW  BC1  1642z  319 report.
2.235MHz  CW  BX2  0644z  519 report.
2.243MHz  CW  BC0  2054z  529 report.
2.215MHz  CW  DO9  1659z  559 report.
2.110MHz  CW  NF7  1644z  419 report.
2.103MHz  CW  CL3  1647z  319 report.

MW Loggings / Pacific Islands on MW
« on: July 28, 2020, 0639 UTC »
A surprise tune around the band last night:

0945-1015z Monday 27th of July 2020:

0953z  1035KHz  2ZB News Talk Radio, Wellington, New Zealand with "feeding native birds, ring us 0800-80-1080" 5X8 report.
0955z  1044KHz  4ZB News Talk Radio, Dunedin, New Zealand with "ring us now as lines are now open, talk to us New Zealand." 5X6 report.
1008z  1017KHz  A3Z Nuku'alofa, Tonga with traditional village singing. 5X5 report when Australian Sports Radio fades down.
1015z    558KHz  Radio-1 Fiji, Naulu, Fiji, Viti Levu Island with traditional Fijian singing by women and children, no new break at 1000z.  5X5 report.

Very few MW stations remain in the Pacific with most going to the FM band over the years so nice to hear Tonga and Fiji, New Zealand fairly regular here.

Longwave Loggings / Australian DGPS terminated July 2020.
« on: July 22, 2020, 2006 UTC »
In case any of the avid DGPS chasers are wondering where the Australian signals are:

"As of the 01st of July 2020 AMSA wish to advise that the 16 Australian DGPS stations in the 285-325KHz allocation will be decomissioned."

Personally, I will not miss them as it makes the band much clearer now to look for further aviation NDB beacons... ;)

Fishing Drift Net Beacons / DNB logs for July 2020
« on: July 03, 2020, 0057 UTC »
Friday 03rd July 2020:

2.335MHz  CW  GH9  0146z  419 report. (Another daylight beacon, rare occurence.)
2.275MHz  CW  GE8  0047z  569 report. (Only DNB heard, only 10.47am local time in daylight.)
2.545MHz  CW  ER8  0535z   539 report.

Utility / Marine CW channel markers/beacons. 29th Jun 2020
« on: June 29, 2020, 0441 UTC »
Monday 29th June 2020:

16.880.0MHz  CW  XSQ  Guanghzhou, China 419 report. 0431z.
12.654.0MHz  CW  TAH  Istanbul, Turkey 519 report. 0433z.
12.843.0MHz  CW  HLO  Seol, South Korea 319 report. 0433z.
12.648.5MHz  CW  XSQ  Guangzhou, China 419 report. 0435z.

Fishing Drift Net Beacons / DNB Logs for June 2020
« on: June 24, 2020, 1237 UTC »
Wednesday 24th June 2020:

2.529MHz  CW  IN1  1250z  419 report.
2.506MHz  CW  CC1  1251z  529 report.
2.398MHz  CW  QX3  1204z  319 report.
2.395MHz  CW  WB8  1230z  529 report.
2.367MHz  CW  RG4  1200z  529 report.
2.360MHz  CW  AP8  1255z  419 report.
2.345MHz  CW  AV4  1155z  519 report
2.335MHz  CW  EZ2  1157z  419 report.
2.318MHz  CW  PF7  1210z  419 report.
2.240MHz  CW  BV5  1217z  319 report.
2.225MHz  CW  FI3  1217z  549 report.
2.149MHz  CW  AO1  1214z  539 report.

Huh? / Corona Virus panic buying...
« on: March 26, 2020, 0122 UTC »
What has toilet paper to do with the Corona Virus I ask our knowledgeable readers?

Toilet paper will not prevent Corona Virus
Toliet paper will not cure Corona Virus

So why  the panic buying in Australian stores?  Not only toilet paper but face masks, paper towels, sanitary wipes tissues are also being panic bought by "intellectually challenged" consumers.  Rice, pasta, instant noodles and frozen pizza are also being snapped up, supermarkets with empty shelves are common place, especially in the cities, not so much in the rural areas.

However, we in the country regions are not spared the city antics, charter buses (complete with a trailer attached) have converged out here from Sydney and go through our supermarkets like a locust plague buying up all the fore mentioned and heading back to Sydney.

Last week on national TV three women were shown fighting in the supermarket aisle over the last rolls of toilet paper, in another episode an elderly woman in her 70's with a walking frame was shoved aside by another woman in her early 30's for rolls of paper towel.

A school boy on a Sydney  train was screamed at with a torrent of abuse by some other passengers because he sneezed without covering his mouth, the errant behaviour goes on day by day, some weird, some bizzare and others quiet frightening.

The "Me for me" society at its best.

If this is the best society can do with a virus what would happen if we were suddenly plunged into a war?  :(

Utility / Turkish State Met Office 4.560.0MHz CW
« on: March 24, 2020, 2007 UTC »
Stumbled across this one by pure accident this morning while look for MX1 loggings on 4.558MHz:

4.560.0MHz  CW  1955z  "TAH" preceded with buzz tones, Turkish State Met Office, Istanbul Turkey. 539 report.

Shortwave Broadcast / Radio Vanuatu 2.485MHz
« on: March 24, 2020, 1027 UTC »
Radio Vanuatu, Port Vila, Vanuatu with Pacific regional news started at 1000z with male & female announcers in Tok Pidgin langauge. 5X9 plus 10dB over report.

Utility / JFM Marine Radio, 22.606.5MHz CW
« on: March 03, 2020, 0210 UTC »
22.606.5MHz  CW "CQ CQ CQ de JFM K" then marine weather warnings, commenced at 0200z. 419 report. Good CW, excellent fist, hand sent. Kochi, Japan.

22.642.0MHz  CW  "CQ CQ CQ de JFX K" then marine weather warnings, commenced at 0430z. 319 report. Kagoshima, Japan.

Utility / EIP Shannon VOLMET
« on: February 15, 2020, 0737 UTC »
15th Feb 2020:

0655z 8.957MHz  USB  EIP Shannon Aeradio, County Clare, Ireland with female announcer with EU VOLMET reports, 5X3 report for 22,709kms Long Path.

Spy Numbers / 3597KHz CW, Numbers or Utility?
« on: February 14, 2020, 1549 UTC »
Just came across a station of 3597KHz CW sending a continuous evenly spaced stream of single letters, no numbers.

No breaks or ident given, tuned for 10 minutes with a report of 539 to 559, monitored between 1535-1545z. (Still going at 1630z).

Sent with an electronic/computer keyer, not hand sent.

My logs show that this is a former M89 frequency, Chinese military.


Last M89 logging for 3597KHz CW was (3JWV de QH4P roundslip) on 09n Sep, 04 Nov and 16th Nov 2019.

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