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2010-2030 UTC approx
Michael Jackson, Spandau Ballet, Irene Cara.
Guessing it's an recording of Laser Hot Hits (1985ish) from the DJs accent.
From UK or NL???

Fair signal on car radio with some fades into obscurity.

(ID by Shortwave_listener based on frequency and content)

Broadcast Announcements / 7700
« on: March 25, 2022, 1714 UTC »
John Clarke, one of Irelands legends playing some music on 7700 this evening from 18:00.

Trace here only. Too weak to ID.

EDIT by Ray :
changed from 'Radio Pandora (UK) (tent.)' to UNID
(see reply below)

Fun Boy Three.
Sounds like the laughing DJ that used to operate on 48 years ago. UK.
Pres recorded program as I think he's announcing 62 or 63xx frequency.

edit by Ray : from UNID to Radio Pandora (UK)

Baccara, Yes sir, I can boogie
Followed by Dutch (?) music.
Fair signal

General Radio Discussion / Kiss FM Monaghan, Ireland
« on: February 17, 2021, 2224 UTC »
Mad Miles Johnson on the pirate station that broadcast from the Republic of Ireland into Northern Ireland (UK) in 1988. Briefly was 1.2 MW on FM. I had many connections with the station.

Part 15 AM and FM Station Operation / Helical antenna
« on: December 31, 2020, 1422 UTC »
Not strictly part 15 but I can't think of a better place to put this question. I'm thinking of constructing an antenna similar to a Valcom helical antenna for MW. I can get a fiberglass pole from Spiderbeam.https://www.spiderbeam.com/index.php?cat=c2_Fiberglass%20Poles.html&XTCsid=a2ffd96b7e87e34e64b1c65f54310ffb They come in various lengths but I think 18mt (60 feet) is about the max I can handle (financially and physically).
Has anybody here had experience in constructing these type of aerials? Any tips appreciated.

Oh,  a happy new year to all here.  :)

Music. High noise level and weak signal.
Pres. The Vault. If so, my first copy of them.

Music much the same as yesterday. Good audio on peaks.

edit by Ray : date is already the 12th
edit by Ray : from 'Unid' to 'Radio_5_2_Zero_Zero_AM' (tent.)

Sovereign @ 2040 moved from 3910.

edit by Ray : wiping the mess between 5805 and 3905

Unlikely to be a vertical antenna at that frequency. I agree about the power level, I guess lower than 100 watts. On again tonight.

edit by Ray : this was about Unid 3400 heard again

It Bites followed by Huey Lewis and The News

Good signal.

Continuous music, same instrumental on repeat? Possibly some short breaks in transmission.  Still on with same.

edit by Ray : date was the 29th, not the 19th

Possibly legal. Orchestral music. Good signal, s9. Haven't heard this here before so uncertain.

Broadcast Announcements / Test to Europe on 4435
« on: May 21, 2020, 1334 UTC »
This evening from about 17 hrs UTC. Just music.

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