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Spy Numbers / HM01 with new traffic
« on: October 26, 2020, 1629 UTC »
11435  1600 UTC 26 October 2020

56284 66144 55861 42346 62801 20863

As usual, repeated at 1630 UTC. 

Utility / Air Refueling Operations
« on: May 06, 2019, 1722 UTC »
6 May 2019, 1630z, 132.45 AM

India 1 coordinating air refueling operations over Oklahoma and Texas. Regular reporting to Ft Worth Center regarding changes. Could not hear most other aircraft and suspect they were on UHF while India 1 was also transmitting on the ATCC frequency.

India 1 eventually ended the operations and requested clearance to Grissom AFB to deal with minor maintenance issue.

Listened while driving so did not record all the call signs other the India and “tough” #s. 

Utility / 6903 and 6807 USB
« on: March 13, 2019, 0332 UTC »
Station 2HF (Two Hotel Foxtrot) sending series of EAM type encrypted messages 0315 03132019 USB.  Very strong in Oklahoma.  Calls ZMCUGW and ZMCUZO sends message of 36 characters to first and 30 characters to second.  Repeats second message.  No one answers the broadcasts except a Spanish freebander who comes up on frequency and says "Hello" in English a couple of times. 

I have seen speculation that this is MARS.  Might be, but big signal for typical MARS station.

At 0334, same message to ZMCUGW being transmitted on 6807 USB by station Y4S.  This transmitter is weaker, fading quite a bit.
0340, Station 7RF on 6807 sends traffic to ZMCUZA.  YL operator with male operator voice heard occasionally behind her.

0353 on 6988 C4K sends to ZMCUZO.  Different YL operator, strong signal.

Good copy on Monday evening in Oklahoma. ID as KIND  Independent Radio. “Be kind to each other.”
Good selection of music.

Off at 0408.

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