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I my county in the Enver Hoxha Era the Domestic network of Radio Tirana was the following:
Tirana: 99.5 MHz . Was mono and used simple telephone line for modulation. (Started in 1980 to feed the transmitters of Kukes, Korca, Gjirokastra, Shkodra and Saranda. Penetration of FM capable receivers was very low, the main purpuse of 99.5 was the feeding MW transmitters)
Shijak: 1089 kHz
Fllaka: 1458 kHz
Kukes: 648 kHz
Korca: 1260 kHz
Gjirokastra: 909 kHz
Shkodra: 693 kHz
Saranda: 864 kHz
They was switched off in 2002 due financional reasons.

The external MW broadcasts was on 1214 and 1395 kHz. Russian, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, English, etc...
Often switched off the power in nearby vilages, to have enough power to the transmitters! My country was suffered from power outages. in the 80's!

Shortwave Broadcast / Radio Pyongyang 6400 kHz 2210 UTC
« on: November 10, 2018, 2212 UTC »
Very strong on my Tecsun INSIDE my home, with the built-in whip, revolutionary marches fill my room. Very exotic station! Like our Radio Tirana before 1991 :)

HF Mystery Signals / Creepy signal 4450 kHz
« on: November 10, 2018, 2137 UTC »
Whooosing plus "dubstep" tone, freaking me out!

MW Free Radio / UNID 1700 AM 2127 UTC 10 November 2018
« on: November 10, 2018, 2129 UTC »
greek "laikos" music, greek talks (sounds like under influence of Alcohol)
Location: Near to Durres, Albania

I wonder that they using 1700 khz, a normal listener not have receiver for this band!

MW Free Radio / UNID 1625 AM 2123 UTC 10 November 2018
« on: November 10, 2018, 2125 UTC »
2123 - greek talk with echo
2124 - tipycal Greek folk song

There are many many Greek pirates above 1600 kHz they are often jams each other! This one is very strong now, close to Durres!

MW Loggings / Kossuth Radio, extremly strong 540 khz
« on: November 09, 2018, 2007 UTC »
Hi there, here in Albania near to Durres the Hungarian national station is strong like a local station, is that cover all of Europe?

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