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I'm wondering if there's a way to use output from Amalgamated DGPS across the course of a night to get a quick view of the time slots that were better or worse for propagation. The list of decodes gives the last spot for each one, but the last one might be an outlier and not be indicative of when the propagation was really strong from that region.

I see, for example, that Amalgamated DGPS can watch a directory and start processing each .wav file when it is completed. Could it be configured to write a separate text file for each .wav that would include a total number of decodes for that time period? Browsing those would be one reasonably fast way to make this work. Or is there some other way to accomplish this? Can Amalgamated DGPS be run from a Mac Terminal command line with some switches that might accomplish something similar?

Software / Carrier Sleuth and NDBs?
« on: August 24, 2019, 2221 UTC »
Having just learned about Carrier Sleuth, I downloaded a copy and planned to feed it a .wav file recorded overnight in the 300 - 400 kHz range in search of NDBs.

I see there is a box to check for an NDB mode, but haven't been able to find any explanation beyond this. Are there suggested settings when looking for NDBs?

DGPS / Formats for outputting logs
« on: April 10, 2019, 0031 UTC »
Recently I downloaded Amalgamated DGPS and registered. Overall it's going well, but I'm trying to figure out a couple of things on outputting logs.

First, the logs I see posted in this forum appear to be exported using the Edit > Copy Formatted Text command (Cmd-T or Ctrl-T). Is that the best way to do that? The output created with the File > Save Tab Delimited option is similar, but includes an extra field for last decode. Also, for some reason when I output a file with the Save Tab Delimited Option, each line appears twice in a row. Is that a glitch, or is there a reason for that?

Second, I've also seen logs posted in the following format:

YYYY-MM-DD UTC kHz ID km Location
20190331 11:05 286.0 #879 7662 Upolu Point, Hi, Hawaii
20190331 05:02 297.5 #360 6429 Cabo de la Nao, Spain
20190331 06:54 302.0 #359 6415 Cabo de Palos, Spain
20190331 10:39 313.0 #897 5545 Kodiak, AK, Alaska

I think I saw a message from someone somewhere that referred to this as being an option available when Amagamated DGPS is registered. However, I'm not finding such an option after entering my registration code. Is there an option somewhere for this?

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