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2110 instrumental music (piano + synth)
2114 opera
A quite weak signal in my location

edit by Ray : UNID to Zeppelin Radio (tent.)

General Radio Discussion / Music4Joy by Media Broadcast GmbH
« on: May 02, 2023, 1926 UTC »
Perhaps someone know about these musical transmissions. For a whole hour you can listen to the only one track generated by computer. No jingles, no DJs. Track is updated every week. I can't understand the purpose of this transmissions. Does anyone know something about it?

For example: https://youtube.com/shorts/vEh03XUhdSE

The schedule is taken from WRTH:

1300-1400 .t.t... EAs 17670nau (April-June)
1300-1400 .t.t..s Eas 17670nau (July-Oct)
1800-1900 .t.t... EAf 11790nau (April-June)
1800-1900 .t.t..s EAf 11790nau (July-Oct)
1830-1930 .t.t... Eu,ME 9755nau (April-June)
1830-1930 .t.t..s Eu,ME 9755nau (July-Oct)
2000-2100 .t.t... NAf,WAf 9800nau (April-June)
2000-2100 .t.t..s NAf,WAf 9800nau (July-Oct)

European MW Pirate Radio / UnID 1440 AM 2206 UTC 14 DEC 2022
« on: December 16, 2022, 1418 UTC »
2206 - Gala - Freed from desire
2209 - Sash! - Adelante

2227 - Haddaway - What is love
No DJs, no jingles
I think it could be Energy AM from Ireland. Maybe someone has any information about this station.

YouTube (1): https://youtu.be/0gEDqTzxa10
YouTube (2): https://youtu.be/4tAjsSmJbMQ
YouTube (3): https://youtu.be/H6JH-3aB9AE

2122 The Beach Boys - Help Me, Rhonda
2124 ID (?), not recognized
2125 Mark Lindsey - Arizona
2128 Sandie Shaw - How Can You Tell

1824 Sparks - Beat the clock
1826 DJ in English
1826 Chris Andrews - Yesterday Man
1829 DJ in English

FRS Holland?

2045 UTC: Mr. Big - Wlid Wild World
2051 UTC: Crhis Rea - Looking for the summer
SINPO 45433

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