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Utility / 11253 USB 2100 UTC
« on: April 13, 2021, 2202 UTC »
Been hearing it since the time shown, Central Florida, fading. I keep hearing "international" but, can't actually make out exactly what airport it is.
Googling it, I've found out it is a RAF Volmet, just, don't know the name of the airfield/airport, since in the recording, I can barely make the name before I hear the 'International" designator.

HF Mystery Signals / Want to identify this 11387
« on: April 09, 2021, 2056 UTC »
2020 UTC
Central Florida, Orlando, USA
Was searching the HF Aero Band for voice activity when I came across this sporadic sound.
I parked the SDR's in this frequency and was listening to the sound, came in bursts lasting about three seconds each and about 10 seconds apart.

Sounded to me like some sort of data bursts, of what, I have no idea being as the frequency is in HF. No voice transmissions heard anywhere near the frequency.
I also have a sound file. Can't find here an option to do that.

Utility / RTTY Transmissions
« on: June 01, 2020, 2036 UTC »
I've got a new receiver and am looking for frequencies where RTTY signals are consistently found. I'd like to get proficient at successfully decoding these.
I'm located in Central Florida.
Every now and then, I find a signal that I *think* it is RTTY.

But when I enable the decode feature in my radio, all I usually see is a bunch of letters with no rhyme or reason.

Are there any stations that consistently broadcast things such as bulletins or weather info?


Equipment / Icom IC-R8600 vs Icom IC7300
« on: April 02, 2020, 2256 UTC »
So I've been scouring the internet for more info on performance on the MW band.

So far, I've read where the IC R-8600, beats the IC7300 by about 2db.

Is that worth the price difference?

I could wait a bit longer to save up and get the R8600, but, I really don't need the VHF/UHF capabilities, I've got scanners for that.

A new R-8600 currently sells for around $2,250.00. I've seen used ones on eBay (very, very, few ones offered for sale there) between $1,800 to $2,000.

A new IC7300 for $979, a hundred dollars less with rebates, and used prices, a bit lower than that.

The R-8600, does not require me to go out and purchase another Power Supply as I already own a Radio Shack model suitable for the job.

If I were to get the 7300, I've got to factor in another PS, it would still be close to half of what I would need to get the R8600.

On the other hand, while not a hardcore MW DX'er, every now and then at night, I like to tune around and see what I can hear.

I've seen/read others opinions, such as G. Lyell opinion's in YouTube, regarding the R8600 performance and respect that. What I'm not too clear on is  the seemingly small difference in sensitivity.

I've recently saw another post somewhere that explained a "workaround" to gap this difference. Can't remember exactly the wording but the gist was that, the 7300, has a pre amp setting on AM that, by default, is off. Turning it on, would help AM reception.

Looking for opinions on this matter...


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