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I have heard a similar broadcast on 7490 and other frequencies.  It was recently logged here under shortwave broadcasts.  It is showing up on stations that lease time.  I'm guessing the actually frequency may have been 7570 belonging to WRMI, I have heard this voice synthesized programming on some of their other frequencies.  I don't know what it is - something with "Super Master TV" radio broadcast?


BTW, welcome to the board, Va3ubc.  Stay home, stay safe, and listen to shortwave.

Neat! Thanks for the welcome and the wishes! I just got this PRC320, and I've been having fun making contacts and listening to these obscure stations!

I was trying to identify the Christian radio broadcast on this frequency and all of a sudden this came on. Listening location was Barrie, Ontario, Canada @ 0518Z


Anyone have any ideas about it or the original broadcast?

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