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Male announcer stated the theme of the show is southern rock. American music.

0038 Sweet Home Alabama
0040 Jessica, Allman Brothers
0047 Hold on Loosely. 38 Special
0052 Ghost Riders in the Sky, The Outlaws

Strong signal and good audio into the southern part of the Peoples Republic of Illinois.

Great music. Thanks for the show.

S9 + 20dB near St. Louis. Hang on Sloopy at 0034. Funny show,

Thanks for the broadcast!

0004 Sounded like a Monty Python sketch
0005 Goose Step Mama by The Rutles

Hilarious stuff. Thanks for the show!

Strong signal in Southern Illinois

Song "Monkey Pox" 2328
2 OM discussing Monkey Pox vaccine in Dallas County

2336 Loud signal in S. Illinois 555. 

00:46 "Don't you wish it Was True"  John Fogarty
00:48 "Gunslinger" John Fogarty

SIO 444

SSTV at about 01:10  2 pictures

Signal dropping into the noise at 01:13

Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Iron Maiden at 2118.  Seventh Son of a Seventh Sun at 2123.  CW = No QSL.  SIO was 555 here, really loud.

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