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Running S7-S8 in New Mexico after about 0200Z
Listening, but not even going to try and guess the names of the rock songs.
A distorted deep male voice between songs.
0228 ID "Attention planets.  We have assumed control.  Federation radio."
0230 carrier off

I also see the carrier on 6925.  Been monitoring for awhile, but no modulation, test tones, or anything.  Now 0040Z 15NOV.  About S5 in CW mode in New Mexico.

Wow. Nice S7-S8 signal in New Mexico 0030Z+

Oldies but goodies ... like 1930s Prohibition era.

Enjoying the music.

Very weak in NM, but quite strong and good audio on a couple east coast SDRs
0011 "Wires up in the tree" female ID

2350Z (20APR) S5 with fading in NM.  Slavik sounding music.
0005Z (21APR) S7 now with more recognizable tunes
0100Z Still going strong
0200Z spot check - still going strong, S7 with increased noise

S8 in NM - nice signal and tunes.  Little QSB so far.
0111 "Why do fools fall in love?"
0114 YL ID and "new website"
0114 "Fooled around and fell in love" - long play version?
0119 "Baby do you love me?" (name uncertain - female singer)
0122 YL ID, wires in the trees it's Ballsmaker radio
0122 Another song I don't know
0126 Beatles tune, oh yeah, "Fool on the Hill" - pickin' up the theme now
0130 Dinner time this end

Enjoying the tunes, even if I am lousy at their names.

FRG-100, terminated folded dipole

2350-0010 S5 Central NM
Have no idea what kind of music that is.
Some outer space spooky sounding stuff that goes on and on ...
Interesting, but good signal here

0118 S8-S9, little fading, good modulation, nice songs I can't name (my fault, not theirs!)
0130 Male voice ID with email address
0131 Music continues
0143 "Chances Are" - hey, a song I know by name

QTH 70 miles south of Albuquerque, NM

Heard weakly in NM on TFD antenna.  S3-4.  Music then female ID and signoff 2138 UTC.  Freak skip.

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