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Great +10 signal to Northern MN on USB... Night of the Vampire, cool man....

Great signal to Northern MN  S7, solid at 0143z / Dire Straights... Money Ain't for Nothin


Great S9 signal on 6280 (0100Z) to NW MN.... Lights are dimed, and I'm scared as hell!

Give Me A Sign Girl /0138z/57 Minnesota   Great playlist! Thanks!!

S4 with QSB into N MN, but hearing Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Ukalele) @ 0247UTC.
Lightning is killing the signal!


S8 @ 0208UTC here in Northern MN... sounding great despite the QRNancy! Thanks for the show!

s3 into Northern MN.  Listening on a 40m vertical with a lot of lightning crashes. 

Thanks for operating!

Hey Drunken DJ! S7 with QRN into NW Mn. Great playlist!  Icom 705 and brand new SM30+ loop.  Thanks!!

Heard you read my comment at 0228Z !
Thanks man, you’re my fav! 

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