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S7 to S9 here in Michigan.

Coming in on 6.941.66. Upper side band keeps coming and going. For the most part sounds decent in Michigan.

Radioactivity, Kraftverk
Someone, Chiasm
Golden Cage, Dance or Die

I think these were the last three. My german is too rusty to understand what was being said. Would be nice for someone to translate.

Can here it well in Detroit with my loop antenna and ats25.

Can barley hear it in detroit michigan with my mag loop and IC-705.

Spy Numbers / 11.460 Mhz
« on: May 27, 2023, 0540 UTC »
Spanish numbers and data. Herd in northern Michigan.

Coming in good in Northern Michigan.  S9

Coming in ok in northern Michigan. Lots of storm crashes tonight.

Coming in well in Northern Michigan.

Came in fairly well in Northern Michigan.

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