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01:37 ID WENO shortwave.  S9 into NJ. 

Thank you for the show!

2143 UTC: S9+20 signal.  Great audio.  Thanks for the show !

Epic broadcast !   3 plus hours and counting.  Thanks much for the show DDJ radio!

I like this guy !  My drunkasss was clicking on the other thread started for this broadcast now I'm here.

Thanks for the show!  You're S9 +20 here in southern NJ.

01:14 UTC, Thank you for the QSY, much better signal.  S9+20 into southern NJ.  Was S6-S8 on before.

Thank you for the show.

22:27 UTC, good signal S7 to S9 into Southern NJ.  Thanks for the show!

0237 UTC - Signal is S9 +10 in Southern NJ with music currently, giggle bells.

Big signal in NJ, thanks for the show!

Very strong signal here in Jersey, 20 over S9.  Party guests here are digging this !

Please play some RUSH !  The Analog Kid

Thanks for the show! 

Solid 10 over 9 into New Jersey, thank you for the show.

Strong signal into NJ, thank you for the show DW.  Sounds great !

Weak signal into NJ, playing rap music.

Rough copy here but can pick out the songs.  Thanks for the show!

Great signal, 10 over 9 into souther NJ.  Great show!

S9 of noise here but I'm hearing them.

02:32 Police Invisible Sun playing.

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