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It's going to be a lot of fun driving when those big boys get established and start grazing on the sides of the roads.

Count your blessings Pigmeat.  You and I will both be dirt-napping by the time the guv'mint is able to re-establish BISON in our area of the country... or elephants... or wooly mammoths...

I love the mule idea Pigmeat.  I've heard that one floated around here but no one I'm aware of is using them yet.  There's probably some stupid state law forbidding it.  I'm in complete agreement with you about destroying garbage bears.  They're damn dangerous when they lose their fear of people.  I've had many incidents with them here in the driveway and running through the back yard.  Over the last few years I've introduced over half a dozen of them to rock salt - all of them right on my property, close to the house.  The DEC has been doing that same catch and release thing here - to no avail.  I guess it gives the staff some fresh air and sunshine.  Stocking trout and selling tree seedlings gets boring, ya know.  Most flatlanders just don't seem to get it.  And since they represent a voting block TWICE as large as we upstaters, then I guess the DEC will just keep on keepin' on.

Yeah Pigmeat, advocacy groups and state conservation departments (DEC in NY) definitely muck things up.  I come from a multi-generational hunting family so I'm keenly aware of the ever-changing wildlife landscape here, being treated to many heated dinner table rants on the subject.  The "management" of New York's deer population has been a tug of war for decades between the car insurance companies who want less deer so that they have less deer-related claims to pay out, and the "I Love New York-ers" who see hunting as a tourism draw.  The THIRD group, the actual resident hunters of which you speak, are never listened to.  They are WAYYYYYYYYYY too busy trying to protect their Second Amendment rights here in our Northeast People's Paradise to bother with the deer population.  They just take what they can get.  As for coyotes keeping the deer in check, here they're too busy dining on lamb and goats and house pets.  Why waste calories chasing a supersonic deer when you can munch on fat, soft Fluffy?  All the farmers around here have had to modify their operations over the last 10-15 years in order to keep their young livestock safe.  And all of them I know have cultivated a habit of having coffee on the back porch during sunrise/sunset times... with a high-powered rifle.

The rebar garbage cages never caught on here - the garbage crews squawked about how difficult it was to empty them.  Here everyone puts their garbage out only on garbage night or just before pickup.  And the bears DO know when to come around.  Thanks to the rocket scientists at the DEC, we now have a huge bear problem because they are comfortable around people, which makes them very dangerous.  The only (semi) lawful way I've found to deal with bears is to load 12 gauge shells with rock salt.  Launch one of those payloads into a big fat haunch and they take off quick - mainly because of the loud BOOM of the shotgun.  Over the next few days the bear then learns a valuable lesson.  Humans = burning and itchy ass = stay the hell away.  But if I or others were caught doing that, there would be hell for us to pay.  But I figure that's better than dropping bear carcasses into the creek beds.  That would REALLY get some unwanted attention.  Have you folks down that-a-way figured some good ways of dealing with these 500 pound vermin?

Rabies is common as dirt here, stray/feral dogs are always tangling with raccoons and skunks, the two primary carriers. I know it sounds cruel to folks who view all dogs as friendly lovable mutts, but as someone who has seen the results of a young relative set on by wild dogs, it's something that has to be done. Two, wild dogs and coydogs kill livestock by the slew and run deer to death for the Hell of it. They're generally shot on sight. The state will pay you for the carcasses of coydogs and coyotes in certain regions of the country as they're an invasive species.

At least you live where the state government is on the same page as the little people Pigmeat.  Here in the upstate region of New York - an area as large as Kentucky - we are lorded over by coastal elites that know NOTHING of which you speak.  They only know that "they LUVVVV the little animals, ALLLLL the little animals".  Over the last 30 years we are being steadily overrun by rabies, Lyme Disease, coyotes and coydogs, and black bears - none of which were prevalent when I was a kid.  Thanks go in large part to truly repressive hunting laws that have nearly shut it down here.  With the destruction of the fur market by well-intentioned but clueless tree huggers no one traps anymore either.  No paying for coyote carcasses here.  At least they've loosened some of the stupidest requirements for bear hunting although you still need to send a premolar tooth from any kills to Albany.  The latest hunting brochure proudly boasts that "New York State has one of the largest black bear populations in the Northeast".  I wonder if the author would be as delighted if (s)he had to live with the garbage mining, feeder destruction, pet maulings, and all the other joys of living in close quarters with bears.  The biggest upset is that we are forced to be "lawbreakers" occasionally in order to deal with it.  I would not attempt to venture solutions to metropolitan problems because I don't - and can't - truly understand all the nuances.  If only that respect were mutual.  But hey, that's why they're called "elitists"...

In other news, I'm GLAD that damned woodpecker is forever broken.  That thing f**ked up more good pirate receptions.  I can't believe it was really that useful.  I successfully tracked all the shuttle launches too.  From my TV...

That's all I'll say about this, as I prefer non-political sites to remain that way.

Non-political maybe.  But pirate radio itself is one of the last bastions of non-PC absolutely free speech whatever form it may take.  And this site will hopefully always reflect that.  If the thought police get too overbearing around here then it will be a sad day...

Huh? / Re: The mystery noise driving the world mad
« on: August 17, 2016, 2011 UTC »
Is it true you kids are sharp as pistol when you do the Bristol Stomp?
I might have you replace Murphy on the bill, he's gettin' long in the tooth, older than Al and JTA put together.

Yes Pigmeat, you should.  I heard that they're really somethin' when they join in jumpin'...

Forgive me for the fact that this came from a 'Climate Change' blog but this study may lead to a more accurate way to predict Sun spots and if this study is correct so far don't look for a much better solar maximum (propagation) than we saw this last time around. <sigh> vgw
This is promising research Ė a new insight into our sun with predictions as to its future behavior, yet Professor Zharkova relates than some climatologists resented her discovery.

    Professor Valentina Zharkova: 

    Some of them were welcoming and discussing. But some of them were quite ó I would say ó pushy. They were trying to actually silence us. Some of them contacted the Royal Astronomical Society, demanding, behind our back, that they withdraw our press release. The Royal Astronomical Society replied to them and CCed to us and said, ĎLook, this is the work by the scientists who we support, please discuss this with them.í We had about 8 or 10 exchanges by email, when I tried to prove my point, and Iím saying, Iím willing to look at what you do, Iím willing to see how our results we produced and what the sun has explained to us. So how this is transformed into climate we do not produce; we can only assume it should be. So weíre happy to work with you, and add to your data our results. So donít take the sunspots which you get, we can give you our curve. Work with our curve. So they didnít want to.

Professor Zharkovaís work may have significantly improved our ability to forecast solar activity. If we do enter a new Maunder Minimum, then we are bound to discover new things about our sun and its influences on our climate.

Great article Vince!  Typical behavior from the Algore types though. They won't rationally discuss nor accept any evidence that disturbs their religious views, preferring instead to jam their fingers in their ears and shriek "the science is settled!"  We all have a right to our personal paradigms but it pisses me off to see their vicious attempts to silence opposing viewpoints.  This is 'Murica, dammit!

I live in near vertical heavily forested country, Ka. Cellphones and GPS are about as much use as tits on the proverbial boar. If you've got an idea of where the person is driving around at, you can predict when the call is going to drop. Most of the locals know the dead spots and will hang up as they approach them.

With an average of forty snakes an acre and bears rooting around everywhere, people here have more to worry about than toy phones and GPS.

I got a nice view of the meteor shower last night on the main farm. No cell tower lights polluting the skies.

Ditto here in the Appalachian foothills of upstate NY.  It's all hills and hollows here.  UHF and above is nearly useless off the main routes, except on the hilltops.  The next road above my place is a 5 mile long seasonal use road - an improved cow path - and there have been easily two dozen incidents of semi drivers mindlessly following their GPS units onto it looking for a "shortcut" across the hill.  The local tow truck operators love it.  The township finally put up a "no trucks" sign at each end of the road.  This cut down on the incidents but didn't stop them completely.  Yes Vince, I believe those types WOULD drive into a pond!

And backyard astronomy is still alive and well here also Pigmeat.  My nearest cell tower is over 5 miles away.  I have almost zero coverage, and I don't give a s**t either...

But they better hurry because perhaps the Chinese market will start selling devices for the frequencies.

They already do Vince.  The Chinese FMs you see on Ebay that are built around the Rohm BH1414 and BH1415 chips are capable of operation throughout that entire range.  The BH1416 can be used 76.8-78 MHz.  Many of the sellers' units are easily put into operation there.

I'm with Skeezix.  I'd also like to see a good chunk of that go for low power broadcast but I'm not holding my breath. 

Until then, we'll just have to be happy using the range for our STL links - with those aforementioned cheap Chinese FM band bangers... and cheap Chinese receivers that are capable of tuning the same range.  ;)

Geez moof - that's almost pornographic!  Nice to know I'm not the only one that gets wood from these radio-electronic pursuits.  Now where's that freakin' hand towel?

Huh? / Re: Prince has died
« on: April 22, 2016, 1423 UTC »
 ;D Great screencap Chris!!!  ;D

But sorry to hear about Prince.  Not always my cup of tea but he was a musical genius, an amazing guitarist, and as I understand, a class act too.  I always respected the man for staying true to his Midwest roots and not being sucked into the LA/NY vortex.  RIP...

Huh? / Re: Tire Pressure
« on: April 21, 2016, 2323 UTC »
My wheel barrow's tire ALWAYS needs to be checked for air.  >:(

Mine too MDK...every time.  I even re-tubed the tire last summer after having so much trouble with it.  It held air just fine for the rest of 2015.  Then we had a sunny and mild day early in March.  I reached for that trusty wheel barrow and... FLAT.  I'm thinking sunspots, or maybe the fof2.  Chris - can you maybe put up a daily tire pressure chart on the Prop Tools page?  Just a thought...

Dittos on all the kudos Chris.  That Tools page is REALLY useful and helpful and your recent additions have made it even more so.  Your hard work and dedication are always appreciated... thanks!

Huh? / Re: natoma?
« on: April 16, 2016, 1811 UTC »
Maybe he suffered from carcinoma.  And was in a coma.  He might have died Al, and went to his eternal homa...

In this case tho I don't see it being so much of an interference problem but more of a control problem in The "Peoples Republic" of China.  Politics being what they are... and no they haven't changed!

You're probably right about that Vince.  Once a control freak, always a control freak.  And nothing ever changes that short of mass bloodletting.  But enough of the gloom.  As I said, thank God for America, as long as it lasts.  I hope you like the Kindle, wherever it may have been built.  One thing though - I'd highly recommend going the extra bux for the Paperwhite version.  That thing is so cool.  I rarely can sleep unmedicated for more than about four hours at a time.  I can read in bed without a light and without waking up my snoring partner.  Doncha love that great California and Seattle engineering?

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