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Solid s9 into SC, Audio is now just readable,


Nice solid s9+ into SC, great music

Solid S9 signal into SC 03:02Z

Partial ID CNRW?

Posted at same time...removed mine...

Solid S9+10 into Coastal SC

Wolverine, booming as usual 59+20 in SC, Great Audio, Multiple RX time, too many good stations tonight

I messed up, was 6960 oops sorry Guys. Moderator please remove this one

Solid S9+10 into SC

00:11 Golden Years - David Bowie

s8-9 in Coastal SC, Audio isn't too bad some QRN from local storms

FDM-S3 (Under Test)/500ft loop

Very weak at the noise level here in SC, tried several radios/sdrs and all about the same, the new S3 is about the best copy so far, but can't listen, it truly is in the noise

Solid S9+ into SC, one of the Best SSTV images I've copied even during a storm

S8 - S9 with a little fading in SC at 0500Z

Peskies / Re: Chanting Pesky 6990 LSB 2100 UTC 2 Jan 2018
« on: January 05, 2019, 0446 UTC »
Got the same signal here in SC, solid S9 at 0444Z, definitely heard Japanese numbers...

About s8 into SC at the moment.

0200 Simple Minds - Don't you forget about me

0225Z 59+  into Coastal SC, audio on music great, but DJ is lower but copyable, better audio now you changed

0250z 59 still, music audio is fine, but your voice seems like it has too much on the low end, need a few highs added, otherwise sounding great as usual

0429z signal has taken a major dive here, now s7 with a s5 noise floor, music is just about copy-able here now
0431zjust as I posted that, so the signal came out the noise, almost like the power was turned up, now s9+10 again

0125Z 59+20 in Coastal SC, great signal, almost like next door...hmmmm

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