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I did not know about that one at all. Harmony 5775 formerly 5780 once came from Ireland, now it's coming from Spain. When it's on-air this SDR is handy to verify. http://ei2hh.proxy.kiwisdr.com:8073/?f=5775.00amnz7

For Sale / Wanted / Barter / Re: Transmitter PCB's and Xtals
« on: April 27, 2018, 2333 UTC »
Hi there again. And what about this one? Is it recommended instead of LULU?

That one is LuLu :)

Equipment / Re: Simple (Auto) SWR/PWR meter
« on: February 23, 2018, 1310 UTC »
Hi Stretchyman.

Cheers for this. Have you tested it any lower in frequency? say 1125Khz  ;)

Today 25 Sep 6400 AM  the same mod, better receiving .
20.33 UTC  Oxygen
21.06 closedown

22.10 regular AM mod - Korean music

 73's Clutter

Hi Kris.

You are 100%. I shut the tx down for repairs.

Listen out tomorrow, should be better  :)

Thanks for the report.


Hi Ray.

Yes that beacon, i am hearing it in my sleep lol.

It is quite an efficient little rig, more than happy with the rf output side of it. I plan to take it off air this evening as I have discovered another issue that may be contributing to the carrier shifting with the modulation, and the strong lower sidreband so looking forward to sorting it out.

Crystals are a plenty out there in FT-243 style, i was surprised to see so many on the frequencies I am looking for so have ordered a few to start with to give me some sort of option other than 6400!

Yes, 6400.3, had it up as far as 6400.5, a massive swing..lol..

Thanks for the report again Ray.



Heard in W. France at 1902-2102 UTC, on 6394 approx.

heard very often on those last days, on 6400 approx., always with strange mod to say the least,
with more audio in the lower side band, fuzzy carrier, no or almost no upper side band,
already not easy to get audio, but now there is a slow Morse signal on 6398,5 (probably the "Common & precious II" reported elsewhere, I'm just thinking to something else for the name!).

Today, better audio, details:
1951 Baby you're no good
2053 Mythical woman
2101 jingle ID from Radio NOVA


PS. If your inductor was winded on a small ferrite ring core, maybe there would be less HF pickup

Cheers for the report.

Yes i had it on 6400, as you know its almost 100% when tuned there, almost. Actually it will pull down to 6375 or more but it is terrible when shifted that far..Yes its like it throws everything into the lower side band..Bizarre.

That morse is quite close and strong it swamps my little 10 watts, also with conditions the way they are, 50Kw on 6400 from Korea is doing quite a good job of wiping me out also..hence the reluctant move to 6394 ish.

Thanks for the input Ray, i will pop it on the bench as they say tomorrow. Despite the issue it has, it is quite a rugged little tx i have to say and runs quite cool for 50 watts PEP.

Cheers again.

19.42 UTC music on 6393 AM mostly narrow modulation without carrier.
USB and LSB not readable  ::)

S6 Utwente WEB SDR NL

10 watts from Ireland.

Think i mentioned before it is a xtal controlled tx, xtal cut for 6400 with a cap and inductor thrown in to pull it down in frequency and once its pulled away from 6400, well you have heard it lol..

Apparently the inductor in the xtal circuit is picking up RF and causing havoc with the oscillator so solutions are, chop out the inductor and stick to 6400 or find other xtals. Ebay has the chunky FT-243 type in suitable freqs for the tx but if anyone on here knows or has one or two knocking around let me know.



A few days ago, Nova was around 6398 with another TX, a defective TX with fuzzy carrier.

Hi Ray.

That Nova is from Ireland, it shifts between 6400, 6396, 6398 etc. Its a Stretchy tx, 10 watts. Seems to work ok on 6400 but once moved down in frequency the carrier goes a bit weird, like you say Ray, fuzzy.

JT Playing Berlin - Take My Breath Away and before talking about homebrew tx..

Closing down now, with mention to Chris here on HF Underground...and listeners in Australia, Germany and Florida...

Meatloaf to close..? No! Jim Reeves - Is it really over...Off at 00.59 UTC

Great show Johnny.


Can confirm, JT is on air right now..6268.

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