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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WTF 6940 USB 0235 UTC 3 SEP 2022
« on: September 03, 2022, 0253 UTC »
S9+ Icom 746PRO Tolland County, CT

02:50 Green Day
02:52 Hendrix, Jimmy
02:56 INXS
02:59 Jethro Tull
03:03 Kinks, The
03:06 Led Zepplin
03:08 Miller, Steve
03:11 Nirvana

Good Signal, good music.  Just enjoying the show and minding my own business...

S3-S5 into CT.  Good audio.

S7-S9 in CT  Audio is a bit low, some QSB...


03:08 Bad Girlfriend S7 (nice audio)
03:11 Cryin' Like a Bitch S5
03:14 Voodoo People S7

On my SDRplay RSP1A

02:07 Break Free ~S7
02:11 Signal fading a bit some QRM
02:12 Hey Ya! Signal back up to S5
02:24 some talking some sort of comedy bit but hard to make out
02:33 Addicted to love
02:35 SSTV noise up to S7 now
02:38 Simply Irresistible signal back down to S5
02:43 An 80's song - (I can't remember what it is called...too weak for sound hound to pull it out) S3
02:45 Sweet Dreams S5
02:50 another day in paradise S5
02:55 You Can't Hurry Love S5
02:56 "Dorm Radio" ID and a "commercial" .. hard to hear now
03:00 I shot the sheriff S7 now
03:03 Tough Enough S7

00:51 Underdog ~s7
00:54 Little Miss Fortune ~s7-S9
00:56 No Matter What ~S7-S9
00:58 Underdog again
01:01 Evil Woman S7-S9

Sounds good here in CT on my 746pro. 

00:35  Banana Puddin' S9+
00:41 Highways and Cigarettes S9+
00:44 Radio Ola ID
00:45 Hush  (some QSB now but still mostly S9)
00:48 stepped away for a sec, came back and signal was gone...

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