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Thanks! Got it. Sine wave /90 degrees out of phase, sideband  etc. Still learning.

  In an answer to my own question, in hopes of maybe helping someone else that is just starting SDR's, I found that patience and trial & error helped most in figuring it out. Some things are basically the same when dealing with utilities such as COM ports etc. Software plays a big part in how things fit together. I was able to get all of what I needed and understand why I received no answers. It's relatively easy but really hard to explain to someone how to do it. I'm new to SDR's but have really enjoyed learning what I can and how similar things are to the analog world as long as you can relate to the transitional digital components and changes. My biggest problem was I was making it far more difficult than it really was. In short, I was trying to put everything together as one, right off the bat. Later, I took my time, wrote everything down and approached it one step at a time, getting one program to work with another program until all were finally working together. Also, it helped quite a bit by reviewing the different posts and inquiries that people made over time. I'm 64 and on a fixed income so it's really hard to not buy all the toys I want, but this is definitely the best thing I have gotten in awhile. (SDR) Thanks Chris and Josh for helping me make the right choice for my initial SDR by showing me what's out there and what can be done with them. I still have my original PK-232, but it's in the closet because I can do so much more now with software verses hardware.
   So if you're new to SDR's, I hope my post helps by showing you not to get too overwhelmed by things and just approach them one at a time.

Hey Chris. What is IQ Data?

   Hey all. I've taken some time and really got to know my SDR and SDR Console and I really want to get into some utility monitoring. I'm a little vague on installation of the different software. I obtained VSP Manager from K5FR and also obtained VB Cable to try and integrate all the above. I realize that my decoding program (FLDigi) requires a separate set of COMS and my logging program requires a separate set of COMs along with my Control Program also. Do I use Omni Rig to control SDR Console or CAT? I'm having a difficult time syncing all these together and have a feeling that I am making it way to hard. Can someone please assist me? I use DXtreme for logging and it offers either CAT or OmniRig control via Kenwood TS-2000. I want to use that in conjunction with FLDigi and SDR Console, SDR # or HDSDR.

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Re: AirSpy HF+ Setup Problem
« on: November 18, 2018, 0140 UTC »
Is there any special software to use with my HF+? I did download sharp and install. Is SDR Console or HDSDR about the same thing? Is there advantages from one to the other?

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Re: AirSpy HF+ Setup Problem
« on: November 14, 2018, 2016 UTC »
Yeah Man! You got that right. I'm sitting here like a kid waiting patiently for my package. It will be here tomorrow. Do ya'll use SDR# or SDR Console or something different? I'm a computer person, so eventually I want to be able to integrate everything to PC. For logging, since I no longer use paper, I got DXtreme. Are there any other good ones out there? I believe with DXtreme, that there is a way to link my SDR, but I would not be able to use SDR#. Instead I would have to use SDR Console. So.....If there is anyone out there that has a HF+, or uses DXtreme, any suggestions, pointers you have, I welcome with open arms. The SDR thing is completely new to me. I want to eventually get back into the utility side. I was laughing to myself today. If I eventually change everything over to PC, I could arrange all equipment, filters, preamps etc and in the end it would look like and be wired the same way PLC's are. I'm pretty sure a lot of this equipment can be mounted on DIN rail. I mean, basically what we all want to do is just stay seated in front of our equipment and have everything automated. (If not I guess I need therapy)

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Re: AirSpy HF+ Setup Problem
« on: November 12, 2018, 1844 UTC »
     Thanks all. I have decided to spring for an HF+. I ordered today and I don't know where they ship from, but I'm really excited to see how it is. I bought my adapters at Amazon and everything is ready to go. I just have one antenna right now and I'll probably put more up in the spring. I figured that this would be a good radio to show me the ins and outs of SDR and maybe later on I will upgrade to something like the netSDR.

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Re: AirSpyHF+
« on: November 12, 2018, 1836 UTC »
    Hey Chris, took the plunge today. Read your reviews that you have done throughout, and decided to order the Airspy HF+. I did like the frequency coverage of the SDRPlay a lot but for my use, I think this will be okay. I love HF no doubt, but the amateur radio side of me wants to start dabbling in the 2m range. I have a Kenwood TH- K2AT handheld and really haven't used it. I don't have anywhere near the setup you do as far as antennas, but I still think I will enjoy this a lot. I've been messing with computers since 1984 with my first Commodore 64 and 1541 floppy drive inputting homemade programs. Now I can integrate. Utilities I love also. Where is Airspy located in the U.S.? Do you know? I also bought my adapters from Amazon since they were cheaper. I'm kinda' psyched!! :)

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Re: AirSpy HF+ Setup Problem
« on: November 09, 2018, 0131 UTC »
    Thanks. I had read where it was considered more sensitive than some of the other medium to high end sdr's and I was wanting to know. The only thing I was bummed about was that it doesn't go up to a Geg or above in frequency. I think it stops at what? 260 or 360 MHz? I thought it was possible to get weather sats on 2 or 300. Not sure. Gosh, when you get older the reading comprehension goes right out the door! And also, when you bought yours, did you buy it direct from them?

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Re: AirSpy HF+ Setup Problem
« on: November 08, 2018, 1924 UTC »
Hey man, how do you like your HF+? Is it really sensitive? What software do you use with it?

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Re: Stolen SDR's - SDRplay
« on: November 08, 2018, 0338 UTC »
    That's screwed up. Maybe the Chinese took that many of them to see how they can duplicate them. I'm not trying to be funny. This is how they operate.

Equipment / Re: Computer Run Shortwave
« on: November 07, 2018, 1755 UTC »
Hey N3UMW, how do you like your SDR play2? Is it everything you expected it to be. I saw your graphic and it reminded me of the older days that Philadelphia Electric used something similar. It's great!

Equipment / Re: Computer Run Shortwave
« on: November 05, 2018, 1547 UTC »
So does an SDR Play have the ability to interface with decoding? As I said before, I am still learning about the new software driven decoders verses the ones I am used to also referred as TNC's (PakRat PK-232, etc.) Will I still be able to decode?

Equipment / Re: WWV receiver for ntpd time source
« on: November 05, 2018, 1539 UTC »
If WWV etc. stops transmitting next year, what kind of effect will that have? I know, it's probably a stupid question, but I'd really like to know. I know it will affect us in the ham/shortwave end of things, but people forget that various manufactured items depend on that signal. I would really like to know.

Wow Chris, that is awesome! I used to be up your way living in Philly and Delaware. I liked the fact that the reception there seemed extra good for both S. America and Europe. I just love the setup you have and the way you utilize natural masts for installing your antennas. I really appreciate the homemade antennas you put together and the craftsmanship you utilized. How much maintenance goes into your farm? I know that what you have has taken a lot of work and perseverance probably over quite a time period. I also know what goes into burying PVC and pulling line through them but in the end it makes for a professional job. Major Kudo's Dude!!

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