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SDR - Software Defined Radio / A *few* questions
« on: January 03, 2019, 0355 UTC »
So I am new to SDR. I got mine recently and have been playing around with it, even put up a random wire room antenna (Just goes around the perimeter of the top of my room. Fancy, right?). Onto the questions:
  • I get these odd tones that scroll in the opposite direction of where I am scrolling when I am scrolling. What is this and/or what is the cause?
  • Sometimes I lose the ability to receive anything and I just get static. Why does this do that?
  • Any activity I do see is just random noises when I tune into them. Like a digital signal. Is this just because no one is doing anything on the frequencies I can receive?
  • I often see stations that are in the FM band repeated multiple times on different frequencies. Like a radio stations at 89.7 MHz is being received at 200 MHz. What on is the reason for that?
Like I said I am new to SDR, so anything is appreciated.

P.S. If you have any tips, tricks, or useful info for someone who is receiving in the Omaha NE area, feel free to message me or reply here.

General Radio Discussion / Got My First SDR
« on: December 31, 2018, 1738 UTC »
Hey Y'all,
I got my first SDR, its a NESDR SMArt. I have been using it for about a day now and I have gotten everything working. I've been mostly listening to an FM station and the weather band, but I want to look further. Does anyone have any interesting areas on the spectrum that I could look at? I am located near Omaha, NE if that helps any and I only have the antennas that came with the SDR.

Thanks in advanced,

General Radio Discussion / Re: Resource Advice
« on: December 11, 2018, 2103 UTC »
I would like to use it for Rx and Tx and I have a good bit of room for construction of a large antenna.

General Radio Discussion / Resource Advice
« on: December 11, 2018, 1506 UTC »
Hey y'all,
So I am looking to get into creating my own antenna and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for resources that I could use to read up on or look at that would help me learn how to create an antenna. Anything helps, even little pointers from your own experiences.
Thanks In Advanced

HF Mystery Signals / Re: Creepy signal 4450 kHz
« on: December 10, 2018, 2035 UTC »
So I can't say what that noise is, but I can provide more information on it.
If you go to http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/ and then tune into 4450 kHz AM you can hear it.
Sorry if this doesn't do much, this just caught my attention so I thought I'd pitch what I knew.

EDIT: So I forgot to say, but this receiver is located in the Netherlands

That is amazing. I might just have some fun one of these days and broadcast a random image...

General Radio Discussion / Radio Free Whatever
« on: December 10, 2018, 0010 UTC »
Hey Y'all,
So I heard about this radio broadcast called Radio Free Whatever and I was wondering how I could tune into it and if at all possible where I could find more information on it.
Thanks in advanced!

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