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Software / Re: directKiwi project
« on: February 26, 2019, 1349 UTC »
Hello Linkz,

Just to let you know that I enjoy using the new version V4.0 of your DirectKiwi program.  The graphical display makes it even easier to compare and browse around the available Kiwis.

I installed it directly in Python running on a windows machine and one thing I noted is that the square icon for the the nodes is a bit small and sometimes points on the coastline of the base map look quite similar. Perhaps a larger or different symbol might help. I am aware that making it too large will cause trouble in areas with high density of Kiwis. I tried different background maps and symbol colours but not much improvement.

For the "nice to have list" a request to cycle manually through the list of favourites nodes.
When this would be done automatically at an n second interval a mean RSSI for each node could be shown....Anyway thank you for making this intuitive and useful GUI available.

Best regards,Ben.

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