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Shortwave Broadcast / 13700 Radi Habana spurs? Oct 12, 2019. 1441 UTC
« on: October 12, 2019, 1444 UTC »
   1440. I am currently picking up spurs of RHC at 13637 and 13763. 

Keith. VE5KIS

ATS 909X. )W6LVP. Southern Saskatchewan

0132. What I like about you. 43443 into southern Saskatchewan. Tecsun S8800 with W6LVP.

Iíve heard it in Saskatchewan the last two days, I just checked 5050 and I suspect that it is a harmonic of WWRB, since itís the same preacher.

Good signal here. (Saskatchewan ) but a lot of thunder. W6lvp with S8800. Just caught him giving a shoutout to the board.

I am located in Southern Saskatchewan, and I was able to listen from 2140-42. The frequency I was able to copy was 9455. There ways a lot of fading and athmospheric noises ( thunderstorms an hour or so away).  I was using a Tecsun S8800 with a W6LVP.



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