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Tuned in here in northern New Hampshire with a strong signal 55455. Thanks for the transmission!

Strong signal here in the New England North Country. Nice mix of jazzy / easy tunes. Thanks for the broadcast!

03:05 Allman Brothers
Live announcements
Signal great in NH 55555
Poco! Great tunes tonight thanks WDDR
Really enjoyed the James McMurtry.

Mystery Science Radio with Cherokee Jack, MST3K intro, Criswell predicts, MacArthur Park, 55555 signal into the Vermont sdr.

Utility / Re: 6754 KHZ USB Trenton Military weather
« on: November 20, 2023, 0014 UTC »
11.20.23   00:10 6754 u  "Greenwood ... Gander ... Sheerwater ... no report received"

23:30 Two IDs - Mix Radio International the sound of free radio on shortwave. Great mix of 80's tunes I don't know. Strong signal into NH.
23:35 Hungry Like the Wolf

Tuned in at 23:21 - great signal on the Vermont sdr! Blues rock guitar w/ male vocals.

Great signal on the Vermont SDR 555
Mellow folk-rock music
Wild Mountain Thyme - Sandy Denny
Misty Mountain by Ferron
Fire on the Mountain (cover version?)

Tuned in at 21:50
Fleetwood Mac tunes - haven't heard an ID yet. Strong signal into the Vermont SDR. 555
Dave Matthews Band
ID & Shoutouts (thank you!) @ 22:18
Timbuk 3 Hairstyles & Attitudes (my request!) @ 22:33
Blinded by the Light

Just tuned in, good signal (454) into the Vermont sdr. Radio 48 ID @ 21:48.

Radio Time Machine  6935
Sounds like variations of "All Things Considered" theme from NPR news.
Great signal - 555
OM announced email shortwavetimemachine@gmail.com
back to All Things Considered?

Started listening at 22:45 and am hearing some beautiful piano music here - instrumental -

Started listening at 2025 -
Spacy music with "Get Back"
Earth Station 1W ID?
Eleanor Rigby
"Please refrain from ionospheric activity" ...
I am the Walrus
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
alien speaking "Our ships contain no visitors the temperature on your planet is too low for us to survive"
Venus is a more appropriate planet ... aliens will soon be our neighbors
Very KIPM(ish) vibe
off at 2045.

Nice mix of 80's music, strong signal here in northern NH, 55445. Radio Vixen International IDs by YL.

Great signal on the Vermont SDR. Just catching Waves in Space by Orange Cake Mix!

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