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QSLs Received / Ball Smacker Radio QSL 30 July 2022
« on: July 31, 2022, 1946 UTC »
Thanks BSR!

QSLs Received / Ball Smacker Radio QSL 23 July 2022
« on: July 23, 2022, 0142 UTC »
Thanks to BSR for the usual Friday evening thematic tunes!


Either winners of the Radio Darwin Awards for 2022, or the worst pirate radio performance art concept ever!

Great graphic with the article, regardless...


Thanks to BSR for the usual Friday evening entertainment and fast eQSL!



113- "Free Your Mind" by Maestro and Stine Grove.
117- "Dream Weaver" by Beat Service and Sarah Lynn.
120- "Falling" by Michael Fearon.
122- Silence and then Zeeky talking music, conditions tonight and transmitter. Thanks for the shout-out! In the remote studio tonight.


2233- "Crystal" by New Order.
2236- OM recorded audio from a show, into clear recorded OM ID "This is The Vault."
2237- "Come Fly With Me" by Frank Sinatra.
2240- "You Are The One" by A-Ha.
2244- 80s sounding tune sung by OMs, I couldn't ID.
2247- Sound effect (sounded like 1980s WGBH TV-Boston ID sound) into recorded OM ID of The Vault.

<Some nice peaks up now>
2328- "Turn It On Again" by Genesis.
2331- Recorded OM ID of The Vault.
2332- "Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out" by Freak Power.
2336- "The New Pollution" by Beck.

Oldies music, SINPO=44444

2239- "When Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" by The Platters.
2241- "Cancion de Orfeo" by Billy Novick and Grupo Fantasma.
2246- "The Great Pretender" by The Platters.
2249- YL and OM announcers in Spanish, including ID.
2250- "Mis Sentimientos" by Los Zafiros.

Time warp!

SINPO=22322, with some UTE QRM.

2109- "Who Are You" by The Who.
2110- Pop Ska tune I recognize, but can't ID.

SINPO=34433, nice, clear signal tonight.

238- Pop Brazilian music in Portuguese.
242- OM IDs Rádio Nacional and speaks briefly.
242- Back to pop Brazilian music.

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 USB 0035 UTC 22 Dec 2021
« on: December 22, 2021, 0039 UTC »
0035- Very faint OM speaking under the QRN, like a recorded program of some sort.

0108- Gone or lost by now.

2213- "Since Yesterday" by Strawberry Switchblade.
2215- "Bim Bom" by Astrud Gilberto.

SINPO=14211, weaker here now
0010- "Boys Of Summer" by Don Henley.
0013- "Georgie Boy" by Jack Lukeman.


1454- "Tom Sawyer" by Rush.
1458- "Red Barchetta" by Rush.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Zeeky 6925 USB 0016 UTC 26 Oct 2021
« on: October 26, 2021, 0018 UTC »
SINPO=43443, strong signal tonight.

016- Zeeky on the mic. Say's he's a true pirate, and get off his back!
018- "New World Man" by Rush.
021- Zeeky back. He's not coming on Halloween night. Calling out another op for a parody of him. He can be a nice guy, but can also be a pain in the butt (ask his wife, Zeeky suggests). Apologizes for power check yesterday, as something in his transmitter went boom.
030- "Red Sector A" by Rush.

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