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0020 2 Men Talking (Sounds Greek to me) Just past sunset here.
Sig 3-6, Very clear on AM. Fair fading. Annoying humming, cycling in/out every 2-3 seconds.
0030 Still talking
0040 2 men still calmly discussing
0335 Slow traditional music
Still S 3-6  moderate fades now, mostly good sound on SAM

IN English with folksy religious music. Reverend Leadbetter mentioned
 ID with children  unintelligible ... FM
SIO 737

VIA Simons Cornwell, UK SDR

SDR - Software Defined Radio / SSTV during broadcast
« on: March 10, 2021, 0125 UTC »
Hi All,
 Long time listener but semi-newbie to sdr. (SDR counsel w/ airspy hf+)
How are you decoding the SSTV E-qsl's. I imagine you need to be recording and then decode after.
What is a simple to operate sstv rx app to use. Using win 10.
Tx all, 73

Ravi Shankar interview, playing examples 0055 -0100
Digital in background 0103  SSTV?
 Sig S9 in MI

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