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All India Radio at 00:50UTC with Chinese from Bengaluru (Bangalore) India pleasantly surprised to know that India will broadcast Chinese content. Signal is S5 with fading.

Radio Thailand 13.750 at 00:45UTC from Udon, Thani at S4. Some fading SINPO 33343. My first catch for Thailand. I have parked my Kenwood R-5000/ IC-71A, Icom R-75 in favor of my Airspy Dual Discovery with MLA 30+ that after 40 years of listening gives the best results.. I guess now I new to sell those radios.

Southwood  callsign used Sunday 13th March on 11175

SOH Xi Wang Zhi Sheng out of band on 14.920 at 12:45UTC Taiwan at S9 in Chinese and English in the background about speech of closing the Beijing Games. I guess why China is not jamming.

Also getting Radio New Zealand here at S6 with some fading at 12:30UTC, lot of interference with adjacent channels.

Just got the tail end of Reach Beyond Australia (HCJB) on 15.410 at 22:45UTC. S4 with fading. I guess I caught the Gray Line between Florida & Australia.
Program airs 22:22 to 23:00 and heard ID in English (Australian) at sign off. Program airs in Japanese and broadcast from Kununuraa, Australia.
I got a bit hungry seeing the transmitter site as Outback's Restaurant makes a good Kununurra Wings.

Utility / Re: 6321.5KHz "SVO" Olympia Radio, Greece
« on: March 08, 2022, 1641 UTC »
I also copied it in CW in April. All I could do was verify de "SVO". The rest I could not identify the language, but saw it listed in my 2022 Utility Guide as Olympia Radio, Greece.
There was fading and signal was S4 from my location.

Utility / Re: 8992 anomaly
« on: March 06, 2022, 1313 UTC »
I was under the impression this was jamming. I hear it only on 8992 and not the other GF-GCS frequencies. I noticed ground units transmitting and airborne units do complain about interference.

Radio Free Asia 15.745 at 13:00 UTC in Tibetan from Dushanbe , no jamming today. Signal S6 SINPO 34443, with occasional slight fading.

Well East Troy Don I would say it is. I flew into the night on a Continental flight. I was watching all the bright stars upwards outside and made the comment to my wife how clear the stars was. She then informed me that those bright stars was light from houses on the side of the mountains and not stars in the sky. We basically was making an approach between 10K feet mountains flying in a canyon.

Still on after 00:00 UTC, maybe signal stronger than China from my receiving location.

Always nice to hear HCJB Quito on 6.050 , S6 SINPO 43444. There is some fading tonight here in Florida. I remembered flying into Quito to visit my in-laws and visit the HCJB site that was popular back in the 80's on the shortwave forums.
Currently playing traditional folkloric songs and will be signing off soon with Inti illimani songs.
As a side note they used to broadcast in the late 90's on Intelsat at 27.5 degree orbit,  on a sub carrier radio channel (audio only) called "Big Red". The host was surprised when I called from the US and did not even know they were on satellite.

I tuned to this as of 00:13 UTC. I'm hearing English(Brit) accent with an interview , confirmed this as China International Radio from Bamako, speaking of Ukraine situation currently as you stated.

Thank you for the update MDK2. I will update the sites you provided.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Need help... unknown
« on: March 01, 2022, 0002 UTC »
Ok according to my new copy of Klingenfuss 2022 5965 is China Radio International from Beijing, Xian, or Kashi. To be specific Russian language from Beijing 15:00 to 15:57 targeting Asia.

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