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Good copy on indoor loop in asheville, NC. At 0204 utc. Back in black into the sultans of swing.
 ID and signoff at 0221 UTC. Announcer says 500 watts PEP. Station is on central time as well.
 Great signal until signoff here. S5 on indoor loop=S9++ on external wire antenna.

 Receiver tonight was Airspy HF+Discovery.

S6 to S7 here on the indoor passive loop. Not very loud and somewhat noisy.

Good signal in Asheville nc . How about some more metric...gold, guns, and girls?
0145 UTC Excellent and thank you so much for playing my request! Still strong on my lame indoor loop. Best wishes from Asheville!
0155 UTC Thank you very much for the show!!!
0207 UTC How about some Aerosmith? Thanks!
0214 UTC back in the saddle from the rocks album
0216 UTC Thanks for playing my request! EPIC!!!
0225 UTC Radio used Airspy HF+discovery on SDRConsole V3. Indoor shielded magnetic loop 5ft in diameter made from Belden 9907 RG58 type Ethernet coax. I have a good outdoor antenna but because of storms disconnected. About S6+ over a S0 noise floor.
0300 UTC How about Fame by david bowie? Thank you!
0303 UTC At 302 utc up to S8++
0308 UTC Playing Fame by Bowie with excellent signal @ 304utc! Thank you!!!
0336 UTC Most fun I have had in years. Great station.
0338 UTC How about the immigrant song by led zeppelin?
0346 UTC Excellent! Thanks! Eifersucht by rammstein?
0352 UTC Or black Sunshine by white zombie?
0359 UTC Thank you!!!
0403 UTC
This is too good to be true !

Never had this happen before.

Best radio evening ever!!!!!!
0407 UTC prodigy Mindfields?
0412 UTC Thanks! Best station ever! Still nice and strong in Asheville.
0415 UTC How about Holiday in cambodia by the dead kennedys?
0428 UTC Heavy fading starting to take its toll at 427utc.
0432 UTC Pink Floyd playing...
0433 UTC Signal now up a lot. Excellent!
0442 UTC Thanks for playing all my requests. You are the best! Time for dinner so I am going to shut the rig off. I very much hope to hear your station again...best wishes again from asheville NC!!!

0134 - ID as WWWW Drunken Fox
0135-  Starship - We Built This City

 Good catch. I got WWWW then drew a blank.

Came on at 0119 with rolling stones music. Went on and off a few times...currently S6+ a nice strong signal with no noise on the indoor loop.
 No ID so far. Airspy HF+Discovery.
 ELO...then announcer. WWW. something...announcer was too distorted and I'm too slow.
  Now Jefferson Starship playing. We built this city on rock and roll.
 Announcer says 100 watts PEP!

0051 Another super signal tonight S9 +20 ... great audio ...

 Make that 10kc+ wide. Impressive!

Good signal here in Asheville,NC on indoor 5ft shielded magnetic loop with Airspy HF+Discovery on SDR Console V3.
S3 to S5. A full 5kc wide USB signal...it sounds excellent!

Good copy in asheville NC on indoor 5 ft shielded loop with Airspy HF+Discovery on SDR console V3. S4 to 5.
 External antenna disconnected due to tstorms.

Lot's of cool stuff goin' on...
Getting ready to play RUSH - The Spirit Of Radio
And they got a caller (Michael) in NC Wow!

 They were 59+10 on the Airspy HF+ Discovery and 20 over S9 on the Yaesu FTDX5000MP. Both radios use a 77ft wire antenna
 worked against a radial field. I enjoyed being on the program live via call in too! That was epic.

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