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No ID so far at 2241
music "Winter Blues" - Atomic Vulture
2244: another trippy intrumental
S8, solid, stable signal, S+N: -76 dBm, SNR: 24
2249: abrupt interuption in music
2249: "[something] Radio International" - repeated, "We are testing a new transmitter"
? Stormy Radio International ?
2251: [silent]

Thank you for the music and the broadcast!

ID at 2128 WDOG, followed by "commercial" with dog barks
2030: "Money" - Pink Floyd

unid at 2043 techno music, no ID so far
S7-S8, 45544
only heard it for a minute, if that. Currently off air at 2045

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6935 USB 0001 UTC 27 NOV 2022
« on: November 27, 2022, 0001 UTC »
faintly heard with rock/electronica music

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6920 USB 2355 UTC 26 NOV 2022
« on: November 26, 2022, 2355 UTC »
No ID at 2355 /  JBA
very weak, with music
about S3 - S4 at 0037, still with music - could not ID, but sounds like some kind of techno mx best I can tell

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WKND 6930 USB 20 UTC 26 NOV 2022
« on: November 26, 2022, 0108 UTC »
0035: ?? Is this KDOG or WKND ?? or something else?

WKND has not been on air for many years. This is KDOG replaying a studio recording of an old show produced by WKND.

Thank you for the explanation. I'm new to pirate radio.

WKND at 0025 ID
"We are Siamese if You Please"
ID at 0029, and a rash of dog kissing. OK.
Mention of Dennis the Menace.
0031: Talk about a man about to wed a dog on TV.
0033: SSTV  dog picture.
0035: ?? Is this KDOG or WKND ?? or something else? I'm confused.
0037: Electronic music
0040: light bip-bop music, like from a 1960's movie.
S6 - S7, 
0042: OM w/ "KDOG - 6930 Upper Side Band. Woof Woof Damnit."
0045: Another ID, "Illusion" - Escape, then Queen "Bohemian Rhapsody".
Fading pretty badly here at 0054. now at S5.
0056: dog barking song. LOL.
0103: Awesome howling -> more music "Welcome Home" -Metallica.
0110: SSTV - cute dog picture, music, dogs howling.

Can you give us another "Woof woof, damnit"? Thanks for the "woof"s.

Speaking of dogs, I used to have a talking dog. I could ask him "Brownie, what does sandpaper feel like?" He would reply "Rough, rough".

Thank you for the show!

UNID at 1811 with music and man tx; sounds sort of like a rebroadcast of maybe a football game. Something about "cowboys" and sci-fi type music
Does not seem to be One Radio International continuing on this freq.
Very weak - JBA
1813: This may be ORI resuming over top of this other station
1814: hearing much stronger station with music and "Acid Rock Rock" spoken; have no idea if this is supposed to be "music" or an ID? Who knows anymore.
1816: Countdown by YL and "Engage" - "Planisphere 7" - Asura, but this might be One Radio International over top of the weaker station
1818: "Infected Mushroom Head - stay the f8ck off my channel".
This might be 3 stations at same time 1) IMH, 2) ORI and 3) another?
1820: ID repeated.
1824:" Bird of Prey" - Uriah Heep - haven't heard them in long time.
1828: "Zekey warns you. I say stay the f*ck off my channel. You cheap cockhead. You will be destroyed". Tell 'em Zekey!

Thank you for the um, interesting, show(s). Quite the entertainment value.

UNID at 1739 with music
Don' know if this is a continuation from several hours ago
S6 peaking  45444 -84 dBm
1741: now gone? only heard it a minute
1742: now back - "Devotion" - Michael Oakley
1745: abrupt end to song, now "Love Obsession" - Aurolab
Pretty stable signal, minor fades
1750+: abrupt dropouts of audio every so often
1755: gone; Enjoyed the music!
1757: now back with "Strange Symmetry" - Arwelone
1800: "Back Then" - Master System
1801: "One Radio International" ID, repeated
1806: ID - "keep the f*ck off my channel.  Turkey d*ck."
Thank you for the transmission!

Gobbles every 30-60 seconds or so after tuning in at 2255
No other music/talk/whatever heard but Tom Turkey
Believe this is in Turkish

"Wiener" ID (I assume)  at 0045 and repeated a number of times
0049: "You're listening to Wiener Radio".
0051: OM laughing and carrying on. More IDs.
There are breaks in the transmission. Mike is keyed for a minute then off, rinse, repeat, rinse.

0054: OM talking a minute, then off.
Music is JBA - assume it is from Black Swan Radio or whatever is co-channel.
Black Swan and "UNID" on 6925 is barely audible in NC, but Wiener Radio, when on, is about S6 / 35333.

2305: Turkey gobbling under heavy QRM. Comes and goes. Here (NC) there is almost nothing but trash signals from 6870 - 7000+ kHz. I think I'm hearing pescaderos undernearth all this mess along with some other digital signal(s), don't think it is SSTV.
2310: Now "10 Little Turkeys" or something similar song. Never heard this before. Wild guess at name of tune, I was right. It is by "The Listening Station". Pretty appropriate, LOL.
Then OM talking about turkeys and non-stop gobbling.
2317: ID - I think synthetic sounding voice is saying "Techno Turkey Radio" or "That's No Turkey Radio".
SINPO: 22321
2327:  OM: "Let's talk turkey" repeated and slowing, slowing, slowing -> more music.

Thank you for the entertainment! Funny stuff.

No ID so far at 2227 music
moving from one song to another every few seconds
2228: White Rabbit, then Hendrix, Purple Haze, more oldies
2234: No Satisfaction, [others], Ruby Tuesday
2237: Hey You - Get Off of My Cloud
2239: Brown Sugar
S8.5  45444   S+N: -75 dBm    SNR: 18.5dB
Clean, crisp audio. very little fading.
2245+: More Rolling Stones songs, "Wild Horses"
No ID so far that I've heard
2304: "Gimme Shelter" - RS
2307: Multiple IDs - "Stoner Radio"

Very strong het at +4kHz; easily removed with notch filter

2323: All of a sudden, signal strength is way down, barely audible

Thank you for the interesting show!

2133 Sounds like the Hawaiian Numbers Station. SIO 433

Chris - what exactly is the HNS? I've seen references to it but don't see anything from a quick Internet search

OK - looking up "Hawaiian Numbers", every once in a while I can make out a spoken number based on https://oleloonline.com/hawaiian-number-basics-1-to-100-0502v/

2141 or so: seems to be EOT

UNID at 2131
Sounds somewhat like a numbers station in Spanish
someone reciting phonetic letters/numbers or something similar
S3.5 very weak, no QRM --- 25322

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