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00:26Z - Radio "WKND" 6930 KHz USB.  Now playing some kind of Asian song.

23:48Z - Radio North Star - S9+ signal into Dahlonega Georgia SDR.  "Price is Right" music and comedy routines.

Faded out now on the NA5B SDR.   :(

01:06 UTC Great signal (S9+) into NA5B SDR in Washington DC area.  Song about the US 7th Calvary wanting their hair back.

00:3 0UTC 14 NOV 2022 S9+ signal into K3FEF SDR.  Two digital transmissions were made.  The first one sounded like SSTV, the second one didn't.  Any suggestions on how to demodulate either of these?

Hi Pigmeat,

No, I didn't hear anything like that.  Shortly before station went QRT the announcer ranted (briefly), and then told his listeners to "be cool".

00:53Z Station just went QRT.  "That's all folks".

0025Z: S8 to S9 signal level into K3FEF SDR in NE Pennsylvania.  Heavy metal / Doom music.  Station ID not heard so far.

Bizarre "chamber" music and chanting in an unknown (to me) language.  No announcements are conventional behavior.
Solid (S9+) signal into SDR in Dahlongea, GA.

03:20Z Solid copy of KMAD in NE Pennsylvania (K3FEF online SDR)
Rant by "Dr. Ezekiel" about transmitter problems and non-US vacuum tubes.

S7 into Dahlonega, GA (EM84an)
0207: King of the Road
0209: Set On You

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