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"Do you hear this?  Do you hear this?"
Yes, I heard it, and a lot of music besides. (Via W3HFU receiver.)
Thanks for the great music and show DJDW!

Sensational show.  Never thought I'd hear shoegaze and punk on the same show. :)

Thanks for bringing something a little different to our Saturday nights.

If you play some Camper Van Beethoven it would not be minded :)
Pictures of Matchstick men or The Day Lassie Went to the Moon would be good choices :)

Loving the show!  Thank you WDDR.

Though he's confused, totally confused.  Which is a perfect description for 2023. :)

FM Radio on shortwave

6865.0 Khz USB* with techno music, including a remix of REM's "Losing my religion"
SINPO 55555 on HFU receiver with 120 ft T2FD antenna.  S9 to S9+10 signal.
The signal has exceptional fidelity and occupies AT LEAST 6 Khz bandwidth above the carrier or about a 12 Khz equivalent AM signal.

* It looks like a USB signal with a weak LSB image that rolls off very fast.  Possibly a phasing SSB receiver where the quadrature LO is not quite 90 degrees out of phase.

Really great signal quality and fidelity. 

HF Beacons / Re: The Desert Whooper
« on: July 02, 2023, 2242 UTC »
The Desert Whooper, its native language electromagnetism, cries out into the lonesome desert night in search of a fellow beacon-friend to share telemetry with.

Caught The Whooper on KSF and a Prescott, AZ Kiwi SDR, but that's not quite like hearing it on my own gear (RSPduo + Yaesu FT-710 AESS) so we'll keep trying.

I suspect I'm not the only one interested in more details on how it was designed and built.  Seems like a very simple CW-and-microcontroller project, except for the varactor sweep on the crystal oscillator.  That's pretty cool (and really grabs your attention when you're looking at the waterfall AND just listening to it.)

Every beacon ought to have a Whooper on-board. :)

From recording off W3HFU receiver... a 1:22 excerpt of tonight's broadcast.
An important and heartbreaking Public Service Announcement!


6866 Khz USB Radio 48's PSA for Hot Rod. Truck and Tractor Pull Announcer disease was worth the entire evening's listen.

Thanks for the great 60's tune complete with Star Trek promo.

Tentative ID. Very Soviet-style male choral music and singing, but with Middle Eastern instruments.  Plausibly Turkish.
short-wave.info seems to think it may be Radyo Dengo Welat from Uzbekistan.

SINPO 32333- static crashes
on 120' T2FD on W3HFU receiver

0310 Earth Angel
0312 Johnny B. Good
0314 Be bop a loo bop?

S7-S9  SINPO 45544 on W3HFU Kiwi SDR rx with 120 foot T2FD
0317 barking.  WDOG?  K9?  FIR?

Morse at 0318 WWV prop time
0319 WDOG ID

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