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Tuned in at the end - just enough signal to lock a carrier, but no audio. Assuming a relay.

Radio Ice Cream was one of the best QSL's I ever got. Very original.


QSLs Received / Re: WRKO Shortwave eQSL 25,26 FEB 2023
« on: February 26, 2023, 2226 UTC »
Same here. Thank you very much for the QSL  8)


SIO 434. Nice sounding audio

2210z - Pink Floyd - Keep Talking
2214z - PF - Coming Back To Life


SIO 232

2228z - J.J. Jackson - But It's Alright
2244z - Moody Blues - Never Comes The Day - signal slowly improving


SIO 433

2136z - Randle - Somewhere Between 3 Cities (per Shazam)
2139z - cluck, cluck, cluck. Seems like Thunder Chicken time
2215z - Kraftwerk - Electric Cafe'


SIO 433. Usual great sounding audio. Hearing a bit of that ute that others mention, but not a big problem. Slow fades.

0202z - X-FM ID, then into MGMT - Electric Feel
0206z - Alphaville - Big In Japan
0343z - Beach Weather - Sex, Drugs, Etc. Still SIO 433


SIO 343

2123z - Ludwig Guttler - Orchestral Suite No. 3
2127z - MRI ID. "This is Mix Radio International"
2347z - 11950 - SIO 242 - Max Pommer & others - Concerto Grosso....


The best part is watching the drama by the morons who are addicted to paranoid conspiracy theories on Reddit and YouTube. Especially the guy on the S2 Underground and DecoyVoice channels. The S2 guy sorta had the right idea about the value of amateur radio for survivalists. But he and the DecoyVoice guy have gone off the deep end, ......

I just stumbled across the S2 videos the other day and watched a couple. He went into elaborate detail about "secure comms" and how to "not get tracked".
After a while I found myself wondering what this guy was even talking about. If you watch any YouTube videos on RF, sooner or later the algorithm dangles these things front of you.

Sorry - moderator going off topic  ;D

On topic - l tried to look at the Bottle Cap Balloon website just this morning since the group is in my area. Their server will not respond. They must be swamped.


SIO 433

2025z - Conway Twitty - To See My Angel Cry
2026z - CT - Hello Darlin'
2028z - CT - I Can't See Me Without You

Mike, Mike, Mike

2106z - Off - thanks for the show

MyT - I'm pretty sure this is Thunder Chicken. I have sent a message to the op for confirmation and if it's OK to confirm via SSTV.
2239z - confirmed and yes it's OK.


SIO 232

2323z - Men Without Hats - Safety Dance
2325z - Asia - Heat Of The Moment


SIO 544. Nice big signal with a slow fade.

2314z - Joe Satriani - Belly Dancer
2315z - JS - Starry Night
2329z - JS - Sleepwalk


SIO 422 - Some QRM nearby. Nice sounding audio.

2149z - David Bowie - Cat People.
2154z - Female ID - WAVE Radio - then into Reeves Gabrels - Trap
2159z - DB - John, I'm Only Dancing


SIO 333

2137z - Heard the techno-tune, but couldn't identify. Reminded me of Pink Floyd
2140z - off


SIO 433 with very slow fades

2202z - Mason Williams - Classical Gas
2203z - Op on live with HFU listener report.
2206z - Merrilee Rush - Angel of the Morning
2249z - signal improving a bit nearing sunset in Chicago. Dion - Abraham, Martin, and John
2258z - Off. Thanks for the show. Good signal tonight.


SIO 534 - nice signal in Chicago.


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